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Business of Fashion

Can Dolce & Gabbana Weather Its Chinese Social Media Storm?

Casey Hall and Zoey Suen, 22/11/18

‘Retailers have responded to the outcry following a marketing campaign that many deemed racist by removing the brand’s products from stores and websites.’

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This story was broke by Diet Prada on Instagram @diet_prada. Head to their page to catch up.


Domestic Violence

SBS News

Counting Dead Women: The project keeping toll of Australia’s hidden ‘epidemic’

Nick Baker, 23/11/18

‘Australia is experiencing an “epidemic” of fatal violence against women, according to an organisation that keeps a tally of these deaths. Since 2012, a group called Destroy the Joint has run Counting Dead Women Australia, which it describes as a “national toll” of women killed by violence.The group researches, records and publishes every “femicide” nationally – the majority of which relate to domestic violence.’

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The Times

MP Jess Phillips was right. Sex ed must change to help girls take ownership of their bodies

India knight, 18/11/18

‘The MP Jess Phillips has said that girls should be taught about the orgasm in sex education classes. She was, she said, trying to “break down the culture of power imbalance between men and women… Women’s expectations should be greater.”’

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Why disaffected young men need more pornography

Eva Wiseman, 12/11/18

‘While unlimited free porn did change the world – and the world of desire in particular – it didn’t turn men into grabbing, rutting beasts. It did the opposite. Eva Wiseman explores why disaffected young men need more pornography: more nuance, more perspective and, crucially, more truth.’

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The Atlantic

Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?

Kate Julian, December 2018 Issue

‘Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a sex recession.’

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ABC News

Bride plans to use Queensland’s container refund scheme to pay for dream wedding

Annie Gaffney and Tim Wong-See, 20/11/18

‘A Sunshine Coast couple have chosen an unorthodox way to fund their dream Vanuatu wedding, aiming to collect 810,000 bottles and cans and use Queensland’s new container refund scheme to raise $81,000.’

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