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Business of Fashion

A Whole New World: Five Lessons Fashion Can Learn From Disney

Faran Krentcil, 16/11/18

‘As Mickey Mouse turns 90, he and the rest of his cartoon crew are enjoying a moment as fashion icons. Disney gave BoF a look behind the scenes at how it gets its iconic characters on everything from Gucci sweatshirts to H&M X Moschino T-shirts.’

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Social Media

The Australian Financial Review

The influencers next door: why being small on social media can mean big bucks

Sapna Maheshwari, 12/11/18

‘You have probably heard of influencers, that group of internet-famous people who have more than 1 million social media followers and can make big money by plugging various brands. And you may have even heard of microinfluencers, who do the same thing for a still sizeable but somewhat smaller social media audience – from the tens to low hundreds of thousands.’

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The Sydney Morning Herald

The links between mass shootings and violence against women are not arbitrary

Clementine Ford, 13/11/18

‘Another week, another mass shooting in America. This latest massacre was perpetrated by 28-year-old Ian David Long, a former marine who fits the description of most of those responsible for mass shootings in America: young, cis male, white, and with a history of aggression and violence toward women.’

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ABC News

The gender pay gap is narrowing, but women are still earning $25k less per year

Stephanie Chalmers and Tahlia Roy, 12/11/18

Men continue to earn more than women across the workforce and while the gender pay gap is decreasing, it is not moving in the right direction in all sectors.

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SBS News

‘This is not consent’: Women share photos of their underwear in rape trial protest

Riley Morgan, 15/11/18

‘Women have taken to social media to share photos of their underwear after a 27-year-old man was acquitted in a rape trial during which the woman’s ‘thong’ was brought up in court.’

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Ezra Miller posed for the latest issue of Playboy and people are thrilled for what it means for LGBTQ representation

Susanna Heller, 16/11/18

In case you missed it, Ezra Miller is in the latest issue of Playboy. In the article, the actor spoke about his experience in Hollywood, addressed working with Johnny Depp in “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald,” and his sexuality.

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