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Business of Fashion

The Case for Seeking Out More Diverse Influencers

Elizabeth Holmes, 9/11/18

‘On the heels of the #RevolveSoWhite controversy, influencers and agencies are pushing brands to feature a broader range of ethnicities, sizes and ages in their campaigns.’

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The Fashion Law

Alibaba Brings in $10 Billion in First Hour of its Single’s Day Shopping Event

TFL, 10/11/18

‘November 11th is Singles’ Day in China. The holiday – which was first celebrated in the 1990’s by young, single Chinese as a type of anti-Valentine’s Day – was co-opted by e-commerce giant Alibaba in 2009, as a means of boosting revenue in the traditionally quiet sales period before the Lunar New Year season. It is now the world’s biggest shopping spree, with millions of shoppers eager to snap up cut-price deals.’

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The Conversation

Five food mistakes to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight

Yasmine Probst and Vivienne Guan, 12/11/18

‘Many people wonder why they’re not losing weight when they follow a strict diet and exercise routine. One possible reason is that what look like healthy options aren’t what they seem.’

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Gender Inequality

ABC News

Japanese university scandal signals broader issue of gender inequality in Japan

Jake Sturmer, 9/11/18

‘For Hiroko (not her real name), discovering she’d failed to get into Tokyo Medical University twice after years of hard work left her devastated.’

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ABC Radio National

Meet the Year Two student demanding better representation on cereal boxes


‘Girls can do just about anything that boys can, but you wouldn’t know it looking at the back of a Nutri-Grain cereal box. Eight year old Daliah Lee decided to write a letter to the cereal company asking for better representation. Kelloggs have relented, promising women on their cereal boxes in 2019.’

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The New Yorker

What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting Because You Don’t Want Kids

Casey Rans, 10/11/18

‘Congratulations! You’ve decided not to introduce more humans into this infinite hellscape. Here’s what you can expect as you navigate the miracle of not conforming to society’s expectations. ‘

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