FASHFEST 2018 – What I Wore

FASHFEST time, for me, has become a highly awaited event each year. Being one of the runway models for the past two years, this year I am the special correspondent for Leiden at the event. So in addition to our usual runaway report, you get a quick run-down of how I went in full feather.

Fashion events are a golden opportunity to get creative and experiment with every aspect of your look. It also brings the eminent pressure of googling ‘what to wear at a fashion show’ obsessively, contemplating buying a new outfit, renting outfits or certain pieces and what have you. I went through all these stages too, obviously. I decided to not buy anything new and use what my wardrobe holds already.

Keeping in sync with the tone of the eveningwear on the runway, I chose to go with my floor length ruffled tulle skirt; I am a sucker for all things tulle and organza. To give it a street spin, I paired it with this gorgeous blue checked jacket, courtesy of Canberra’s very own Morganson’s Finery. It did take some sorcery to keep everything in place inside, sans a top, but I think I managed. A tailored jacket added the comfort and elegance to give a powerful aura to the look. I structured the whole ensemble with a statement off-white belt in yellow.


Tulle skirt: ASOS
Jacket: Morganson’s Finery, Canberra
Belt: Off-White
Clutch: from an Indian boutique


Since the belt, the skirt and the plunging neck were statement enough, I decided to play it subtle with the accessories, sporting a bare neck. Plain black nails with just a hint of yellow kept the look connected. With shoes, I chose my tallest blue comfy heels because I am short in the fashion world — there was also walking involved to explore the art gallery post-show.



For makeup, I played with blue mascara (current obsession), and blue eyeshadow used as eyeliner. Finishing the look with pouty lips in a natural shade and highlighter, the hair was swept back and chic. I did not want my hair to clash with the ruffles on the skirt.



The final touch was this pair of tiny sunglasses. One might wonder what place sunglasses had at an indoor evening event, but these never do anything to block out the actual sun, so there could not have been a more appropriate place to flaunt these.



Pro tip: Our phones are a staple accessory, and at events where you are very likely to be photographed randomly with your phone, pay attention to how it matches with your outfit. Funky covers might be fun for everyday use and reflect your personality, but at sophisticated events, try to keep the phone bare or use a matching simple cover. It is subtle but would give your mood a completely polished look.

Goodie Bag: The child in me had to use every ounce of self-control to not rummage through the bag immediately and see what was inside. The doughnut from the Doughnut Department was yummy as advertised. The lovely mint coloured Bison Home ceramic cup is beautiful and a cute little addition to any corner of the house. It is tempting me to collect other Bison Home items in their gorgeous collection.



And finally, the one thing that many movies and stories have painted to be a horrifying incident, happened. Another guest showed up in the exact same jacket as me! Gasp!
But instead of drama, I ran to take a picture with the dashing young lad.

Who do you think wore it better?


Who wore it better? Rasi (right) with FASHFEST co-founder Clint Hutchinson middle. Photo: Jack Mohr


Read the full FASHFEST 2018 Runway Report


Words: Rasi Gupta / Instagram @la_vie_en_lens


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