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Business of Fashion

The Unglamorous Reality of Being a Stylist to the Stars

Melissa Magsaysay, 9/10/18

‘Movie studios are slashing marketing budgets as the supply of celebrity stylists grows, spelling longer hours at lower pay.’

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The Guardian

Cheap fashion sales threaten the planet. Could online influencers be our saviours?

Emine Saner, 7/10/18

‘Vloggers have fuelled a boom in cut-price clothing. Now they could persuade big brands to change their behavior’

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Business of Fashion

The First Step to Starting Your Career in Sustainable Fashion

Sarah Arnold, 9/10/18

‘To kick off your career at the intersection of fashion and sustainability, first ask yourself: ‘Do I want to work for a pioneer or drive change within an established company that still needs to make fundamental improvements?’ says Sara Arnold.’

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Business of Fashion

Judge Removes Deciem Founder From CEO Role

Rachel Strugatz, 12/10/18

‘The decision in Ontario Superior Court bars Brandon Truaxe from involvement in company operations, after a week where he ordered stores to close and fought publicly with investors and employees on Instagram. Co-chief executive Nicola Kilner will serve as interim CEO.’

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ABC News

The story of Queenie Chan, a manga artist crushing sexism and stereotypes

Queenie Chan, 8/10/18

‘People are always putting Queenie Chan in boxes that don’t quite fit. This is the story of how she carved out a sense of belonging in a lonely world.’

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Sydney Morning Herald

Six women killed in five days, you need to engage with this crisis

Jane Gilmore, 9/10/18

‘As I write this, six women have been killed in the last five days. By the time you read it, there could well be more dead women making a small blip in the news cycle, but a blip is all they’ll get. No outpouring of national grief and rage. Just a blip.’

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New Yorker

One Year of #MeToo: What Women’s Speech Is Still Not Allowed to Do

Jia Tolentino, 10/10/18

‘During the past year, I have grown increasingly uneasy with a fairly common bit of semantic slippage: in headlines, in think pieces, and on social media, many people use the phrases “#MeToo movement” and “#MeToo moment” interchangeably, without acknowledging the gulf between them.’

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