News Roundup: October 2018 2



ABC News

Charities spending millions cleaning up fast fashion graveyard

Amy Bainbridge and Penny Timms, 4/10/18

‘Charities want consumers to think twice before making an impulse buy at a fast fashion store after new figures reveal it is costing millions of dollars to send unusable donations of cheap clothing to landfill.’

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Why Does So Much Ethical Fashion Look the Same?

Whitney Bauk, 4/10/18

‘Earth tones, neutral colors and minimalism dominate the average ethical fashion fan’s feed. But why is that — and who is getting left out of the equation?’

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The Washington Post

Wanted: Fashion designers who truly respect women. Now more than ever.

Robin Givhan, 4/10/18

‘A single brand captivated the fashion industry during the spring 2019 runway shows. The frustrated and angry argument was ostensibly about clothes. But, in truth, it was sparked by the same triggers that have consumed the broader culture.’

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ABC News

Tampon tax to go, with states and territories agreeing to remove GST from sanitary products

Lucy Sweeney, 3/10/12

‘After an 18-year campaign, the 10 per cent tax on tampons and pads will be removed after states and territories agreed to make sanitary products exempt from the GST.’

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The Guardian

Do we have to choose between being a good parent and good at our job?

Matthew Beard, 1/10/18

I’m half writing this, half thinking about whether it is the best use of a few precious, toddler-free moments

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The Sunday Times

You can’t have it all, admits Cosmopolitan editor Farrah Storr

Lucy Bannerman and Tatiana Hepher, 29/9/18

‘Magazines sell a “lie” that women can have it all, claims the editor of Cosmopolitan, who revealed that she gave up on having children to get her dream job.’

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The Guardian

‘It was like tending to a disgusting baby’: life as a Harvey Weinstein employee

Amelia Gentleman and Holly Watt, 29/9/18

‘It’s a year since allegations about the producer sparked the #MeToo movement. Has workplace culture changed? Three ex-employees look back’

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The Guardian

I want to get married, but my partner won’t go through it again…

Mariella Frostrup, 30/9/18

‘Your partner’s intransigence is unfair – but start by examining your own motives, Mariella Frostrup tells a woman who says she’s ‘always wanted to be a wife’’

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Triple J

If you’re a casual worker, you can ask your boss for a permanent position from today


From today, casual workers will be able to ask their employers for permanent positions if they have worked in that job for 12 months.

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