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Business of Fashion

Fashion’s Year of Reckoning: Have We Learned Anything?

Lauren Sherman, 24/9/18

‘Nine months after the rise of fashion’s own #MeToo movement casting director James Scully, Model Alliance founder Sara Ziff and supermodel-turned-activist Karen Elson take stock.’

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Business of Fashion

Hedi Slimane’s First Celine Interview

Laurence Benaim, 25/9/18

‘Ahead of his Celine debut, Hedi Slimane talks to Laurence Benaïm for Le Figaro. BoF brings you the exclusive English translation of a rare sit down with one of the most secretive designers in fashion.’

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Milan Fashion Week

Business of Fashion

The Suffering of Milan Fashion Week

Angelo, Flaccavento, 24/9/18

‘With Gucci off to Paris for a season, there was space to fill, but only a few brave designers rose to the challenge.’

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Paris Fashion Week

Business of Fashion

Welcome Simplicity in Paris

Angelo, Flaccavento, 27/9/18

‘At Lemaire and Rochas, sophistication and elegance made for strong and soulful collections.’

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The Power of Period Humor

Nadya Okamoto, 27/9/18

TV has gotten better at menstrual jokes, but for the sake of young girls, it needs to go further

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Companies would have to reveal their gender pay gap under Labor

Latika Bourke, 23/9/18

‘Companies with more than 1000 employees will be forced to publicly reveal their gender pay gap, named and shamed if they fail to comply, and excluded from lucrative government contracts, under a Labor government.’

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The Guardian

Alleged sexual assault of immigration detainee by guard referred to AFP

Helen Davidson, 25/9/18

‘Federal police say they received referral about alleged assault at Western Australia’s Yongah Hill three days after complaint made.’

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The Guardian

‘MeToo must become WeToo’: Jacinda Ardern’s speech to UN rebuts Trump

Eleanor Ainge Roy, 28/9/18

‘New Zealand prime minister called for collective action and multilateralism in address that was applauded at the UN in New York.’

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The Sydney Morning Herald

‘They hate her’: emails show ABC chairman told Michelle Guthrie to fire Emma Alberici

Michael Koziol and Jennifer Duke, 25/9/18

‘ABC chairman Justin Milne told former managing director Michelle Guthrie to sack high-profile presenter Emma Alberici following a complaint from then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.’

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