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London Fashion Week

Business of Fashion

London’s New Guard Is Still Kicking

Christopher Morency, 15/9/18

‘On the first day of London Fashion Week, emerging labels Kiko Kostadinov, Xu Zhi and Matty Bovan pushed boundaries while embracing newfound commerciality.’

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Business of Fashion

In London, Independent Voices Test the Future

Dan Thawley, 16/9/18

‘This Saturday at London Fashion Week, Molly Goddard, Michael Halpern and Gareth Pugh showed signature pieces and new experiments.’

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6 NYFW Moments That Prove Eco-Fashion Is Coming For Your Wardrobe

Emma Loewe, 13/9/18

‘Some designers are starting to move the needle on what it really means to be “fashionable” by taking clothes made using environmentally friendly fabrics and production practices and making them super cool. Here are a few moments from this year’s NYFW that proved sustainable fashion is on the rise.’

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Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

Michael Hobbes

‘For decades, the medical community has ignored mountains of evidence to wage a cruel and futile war on fat people, poisoning public perception and ruining millions of lives. It’s time for a new paradigm.’

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Broad Agenda

Gender inequality in politics: Why quotas won’t cut it

Tony Krone, 18/9/18

‘There is no doubt about the fact that Australian politics has a gender equality problem. What is less clear is how we should address the problem. ‘

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ACLU, Labor Union, Allege Facebook’s Ad Targeting Discriminates By Gender

Jonathan Vanian, 18/9/18

‘Facebook faces a legal showdown with the American Civil Liberties Union, the labor union Communications Workers of America, and three female workers for gender-discrimination related to its online ad platform.’

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The Guardian

Give Serena Williams a break – us working mothers know what she’s up against Hadley Freeman, 15/9/18

‘No one gives you a medal for being a parent,’ one of my friends warned me before the boys were born. But most mornings I now think, usually around 9.15am, give me my goddamn medal.’

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Kids Don’t Damage Women’s Careers — Men Do

Jessica Valenti, 13/9/18

‘One of the most pernicious modern myths about motherhood is that having kids will damage your career. Women are told that we need to choose between our jobs or our children, or that we’ll spend our most productive work years “juggling” or performing a “balancing act.”’

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The Guardian

Lily Allen: ‘I was pretty brazen with all my behaviour. I just didn’t care’

Sophie Heawood, 15/9/18

‘Fame, family, failure, being stalked, getting low, getting high: nothing is off limits in the musician’s new memoir. She explains why.’

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