News Roundup: September 2018 – 3


New York Fashion Week

Man Repeller

Fashion is Finally Embracing a New Kind of Sex Appeal

Harling Ross, 12/9/18

‘The link between style and sexuality is both obvious and inextricable, not only in terms of the tension between what is revealed and what is not, but also because of how thoroughly these threads are woven into the tapestries of our identity: a merging of the physical (clothes, bodies) with the emotional (power, desire, self-expression). Cultural norms dictate many of the ways these two worlds intersect, but a number of designers at New York Fashion Week have been offering up refreshing alternatives.’

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Business of Fashion

New York’s Ups and Downs

Lauren Sherman, 13/9/18

American fashion is more Darwinistic than its European counterparts. After all, this is the land of capitalism and entrepreneurship. But money isn’t always the answer.

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The Business of Fashion

Fashion to Die For

Robb Young, 13/9/18

‘Kalpona Akter is worried for her life. Her support for the Bangladeshi garment workers who produce more than $30 billion worth of fashion for Western retailers every year puts her at odds with powerful factory owners and the country’s “industrial police”.’

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As You Sow

Toxic Chocolate

‘If you have a sweet tooth, you may have read studies talking about the health benefits associated with eating moderate amounts of chocolate. But our research has found a potential health risk in popular chocolate products that’s been flying under the radar – many chocolates contain toxic metals like lead and cadmium.’

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ABC News

Five ways you’re being fooled by fake stories online

Kevin Nguyen and Belinda Smith, 11/9/18

‘Sign into any social media platform and you’re immediately bombarded by endless feeds full of links to news stories, often accompanied by breathless comments or rants, each jostling for a precious sliver of your attention.’

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The U.S. Open Final Wasn’t About A “Meltdown.” It Was About Sexism

Lily Herman, 10/9/18

‘The final women’s match of the U.S. Open was an exciting pairing: Serena Williams, one of the greatest athletes in history, was in her second Grand Slam final after giving birth to her daughter only a year ago. The competition itself took a back seat, however, after umpire Carlos Ramos issued a number of controversial code violations against Williams.’

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Hollywood Reporter

Olivia Munn Talks ‘Predator’ Controversy: “I Don’t Know How to Lie About It” HR Staff, 8/9/18

‘”There are people who get very mad at you for not just helping them bury it,” Munn said of the recent controversy around her latest film.’

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Young workers face more sexual harassment, feel less able to speak up

Wendy Tuohy, 12/9/18

‘Almost half of young Australian workers say they have been sexually harassed in the past five years, but less than one in five victims report it, with many too scared to speak out, a national survey has found.’

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ABC News

New Zealand’s politicians just came up with a good plan — together

Stuart Evans, 13/9/18

As Australia prepares for another climate policy reset, it’s easy to look to New Zealand and wonder what might have been.

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Opening Ceremony

Street activism, non-binary history, and running in sexy rags across the moors

Humberto Leon, 14/9/18

Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon chats with drag icon Sasha Velour.

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