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‘An incredibly empowering, humbling, supportive and beautiful experience.’

Those are the words one of the participants in the first women’s empowerment and nude yoga workshop to take place in Canberra used to describe her experience.

Bare Yoga, run by Joelle Blake of The Whole Mama and yogi Sally O’Donnell, creates a safe space for women reconnect with their bodies and address any feelings of guilt or shame that may surround it. Now the pair are back with their second workshop which takes place on Friday 21 September.

‘Growth happens on the border of support and challenge,’ Joelle told us in a recent interview we did with her and Sally. ‘If women want change, they need to visit and spend time in that space. That’s the space we’re creating with Bare Yoga workshops: held, supported, but also nerve wracking and challenging. If women are nervous about this concept then it’s a great sign they need be involved!’

Sally elaborated: ‘The process of confronting your fears and shame around your body in a safe place with other women is groundbreaking. Being naked with and in front of other women is exhilarating, you feel triumphant that you’ve achieved something despite your fears, at the same time you realise that our physical differences are beautiful and that we aren’t that special.’


What to expect from a Bare Yoga workshop:

  • You will be nude for part of the workshop
  • A respectful, warm, candlelit environment that respects and honours participants bodies and our experiences
  • A safe space to share your insights, feelings and experiences
  • A workshop to empower you to look at the things holding you back from loving and respecting the body you have, creating intention and focus for the evening’s yoga practice
  • A gentle yoga practice with tactful poses designed to help you relax, open up and feel comfortable
  • A post-yoga discussion and debrief to help integrate your experience and empower you with the tools going forward
  • Workshop booklet and digital resources
  • Delicious, nourishing snacks and warm hugs of tea
  • A (totally optional) photo at the end for those who choose to celebrate their experience in this way.


What you’ll get out of it:

  • A rush of positive hormones and feelings of freedom and joy
  • A new perspective on yourself and your body
  • Authentic connection with a group of courageous women, there to show up and support each other
  • Insights and tools to move forward with your self-cultivation and body image journey.


If you still aren’t sure if this workshop is for you, we will leave you with one more endorsement:

‘An unforgettable event! Every woman in today’s world should attend.’


Event Details

Friday 21 September 2018

6.30pm – 9.30pm

InSync BML Canberra, 2A Barker Street Griffith, ACT 2603

Buy Ticket

Use the code strip25 at checkout for 25% off your ticket. Flash sale ends


Photography: Tracy Lee Photography @tracyleephotography

Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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