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Business of Fashion

Imran Amed, 6/9/18

Burberry Stops Destroying Product and Bans Real Fur

‘A PR backlash enveloped Burberry following the revelation that it destroyed £28.6 million worth of unsold product last year. Now, the company is ending the practice and banning animal fur. In a global exclusive interview, BoF’s Imran Amed sits down with Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti to decode the thinking behind the move.’

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Business of Fashion

The Original Internet Beauty Brand Is Under Attack

Kati Chitrakorn, 8/9/18

Paula’s Choice found success on the internet, but customers are accusing the skincare brand of abandoning its core values as buzzy rivals grow their positions. Has the charm worn off?

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Lego Makes a Radical Announcement That Puts Other Toy Companies to Shame

Betsy Mikel, 7/9/18

‘Lego wants to change everything about everyone’s favorite toy brick without anyone noticing. If that sounds like some kind of riddle, it partly is — especially for the research team tasked with delivering on the promise. Lego is joining the ranks of Starbucks and McDonald’s by reducing its dependence on petroleum-based plastics.’

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Sydney Morning Herald

Millennial men say women are favoured at work

Jenna Price, 5/9/18

Millennial men are leading a major backlash against women’s rights, according to new research from the University of Canberra.

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The Saturday Paper

Bri Lee, 8/9/18

My Inbox After #MeToo

After writing about her experience of sexual assault, one woman found herself inundated with messages and confessions, both brave and gut-wrenching, from other survivors.

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The Age

‘Dismayed’: Eight month investigation into Barnaby Joyce sexual harassment claims ends with no verdict

Nicole Hasham, 7/9/18

‘The woman who lodged sexual harassment allegations against Barnaby Joyce has lashed out at the Nationals for failing to reach a verdict on the case, saying her experience underscored the “dire need for change”.’

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Social Media

The Drum

Influencer featured in ‘ridiculous’ Listerine ad condemns ‘nasty’ response

Rebecca Stewart, 2/9/18

‘Amid ongoing concerns around the value of influencer marketing and way such ads are signposted, Johnson & Johnson has found itself in the eye of a social media storm.’

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Sydney Morning Herald

Greek inquiry reveals nothing incriminating in Sinead McNamara death

Nick Miller, 9/9/18

‘Greek authorities insist they found no incriminating evidence in their investigation into the death of Instagram model Sinead McNamara, despite the 20-year old’s parents’ doubts over the circumstances in which she died.’

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The Guardian

Sally Rooney teaches us millennials should be written about, not ridiculed

Sian Cain, 5/9/18

‘Normal People makes being young a drama of universal significance – and, for a millennial such as me, rings entirely true.’

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