Leiden Podcast – Episode 14: An Interview with Kim Vella

Kim Vella


This is Leiden Podcast a fortnightly (ish) podcast discussing all our favourite things: fashion, beauty, health and fitness. But we don’t stop there, we also interview amazing people, talk about relationships, books, pop culture, money and sex.

After a brief hiatus we are back with a new episode where we discuss coaching, leadership and the importance of sleep with Dr Kim Vella who shares her expertise as an executive coach and drops helpful tidbits like no body’s business.

Leiden Podcast and it’s catchy jingle are produced by the greatest guy around Roshan Fernandez. Our artwork features an illustration of the ‘Leiden girl’ by Johanna Dziadkiewicz.


Episode Links

Kim’s website – https://www.kimvella.com.au

Upcoming workshops – https://www.kimvella.com.au/workshops/

Leiden Career Guide – http://leidenmagazine.com.au/category/career/


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