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Man Repeller

Hayley Nahman, 15/8/18

Why Do I Feel the Need to “Look Good”?

‘It was an old instinct of mine, to apologize or acknowledge when I felt unattractive, and as I flipped through my mental Rolodex of times I’d done it, I recalled times I’d seen others do it, too: girls apologizing at the beginning of YouTube makeup tutorials for their makeup-less faces, friends admitting “they looked like shit” the moment they sat down to greet me, women announcing they hadn’t washed their hair in days before anyone had so much as noticed.’

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Business of Fashion

Cathaleen Chen, 20/8/18

Farfetch Files for IPO, Testing Investors’ Appetite for Luxury
‘Farfetch’s soaring sales could make for one of the fashion world’s biggest public listings in years, though the London-based marketplace has yet to show it can sell luxury apparel online and turn a profit.’

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Harpers Bazaar

Grace O’Neill, 21/8/18

Why Models Are So Offended By Kendall Jenner’s Comments‘Kendall Jenner is no stranger to the ire of the internet, but her latest comments—published on Instagram from a cover interview with LOVE magazine—have galvanised the modelling industry in an unprecedented way.’

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The Cut

Amanda Arnold, 21/8/18

Kendall Jenner Has Pissed Off a Ton of Models

‘After Kendall Jenner revealed that she’s hyperselective when it comes to picking which runway shows to do each season, the modeling community not-so-politely asked the 22-year-old supermodel to please check her privilege, as not everyone in the industry is a millionaire who can afford to pass up job opportunities.’

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The Guardian 

Sarah Bosely, 24/8/18

No healthy level of alcohol consumption, says major study

‘Even the occasional drink is harmful to health, according to the largest and most detailed research carried out on the effects of alcohol, which suggests governments should think of advising people to abstain completely.’

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ABC News

David Chau, 24/8/18

Afterpay’s late fees make up 24pc of its income; ASIC recommends buy now, pay later law reform

‘The digital payment app Afterpay, popular amongst millennials, is facing criticisms that it causes “financial stress” for vulnerable consumers.’

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The New Yorker

Masha Gessen, 25/8/18

An N.Y.U. Sexual-Harassment Case Has Spurred a Necessary Conversation About #MeToo

‘In debating the allegations against the philosophy professor Avital Ronell, academics are doing their job: engaging with things in great complexity.’

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The Monthly

Nick Bryant, February 2012 (an oldie that is well worth a read)

Scott Morrison: So Who the Bloody Hell Are You?

‘The member for Cook, who counts Desmond Tutu and the anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce among his heroes, reportedly argued in shadow cabinet that the Liberals should exploit community concerns about Muslim immigrants.’

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Pedestrian TV

Stephanie Tan, 24/8/18

Here’s Some More #LibSpill Memes ‘Cos There’s Nothing Left To Do But Laugh

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Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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