The Bedroom Edit


Each month in Leiden we’ll pick a new space to edit with some of the homely pieces we’ve had our hearts set on. We’ll be featuring an assortment of pieces from local artists, as well as encouraging your own artistry with fun DIY projects. This month we start with the bedroom. The domain of the home for sleep, study, sex and whatever you make it.  


First things first … a bedroom has a bed. We love this bootylicious duvet cover designed by Julia Heffernan. We like big butts and we cannot .. lie down because our sheets are too cute (IG: @crownjulez)

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Why not throw a cheeky pillow on there?


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Haven’t been able to find the perfect rug? Make your own cute pom-pom rug! Play with colours and textures to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.


Make Your Own!


Bring your green thumb spirit indoors with a print by Carli McMartin (IG: @carli.mcmartin)


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This Hearts on Fire beauty from eight stems (special offer price!) would sweetly complement your declaration for love of plants, cascading down a bookshelf or beside table (IG: @eightstems)


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Now for some mood lighting and some sensual smells. Our candlelit pick is from Song of Oya candles, check out their range here (IG: @songofoya)


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Cute sheets? Check. Lit candles? Check. All that’s needed now is a nice cup of tea. Picture a warming chai in this handmade mug by rackers (IG:


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Now your bedroom is a spunky wonderland, why not have fun in it? We love these cute, colourful toys from the Smile Makers. Take the test here to find the best one for you (IG: @smilemakerscollection)


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We hope you’ve found as much bedroom inspiration here as you would from an expertly curated Pinterest board. 



Hannah Wallace

When she isn't busy studying marketing and anthropology, you will find Hannah working at her local theatre. And when she isn't working there, you will find her watching all the shows that come to town. Hannah loves to share a good ol' instagram of her beloved home town Canberra, especially if it's of a delicious brunch, a cup of coffee, or a combination of the two. Follow her theatre, brunch and coffee filled adventures at @hvwal

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