A Fifteen Minute Beauty Routine With A Beauty Bitch…

Fifteen Minute Beauty routine


Leiden’s resident beauty bitch Tina Andrews shares her fifteen minute beauty routine.


What is the very first thing you do when you get up in the morning regarding your beauty routine?

I first drink a tall glass of water; vodka just isn’t hydrating enough and because I am responsible and prefer not to stumble to the train station I really prefer nature’s fruit juice. It wakes your skin up instantly. I then splash my face with water, and depending if I feel I need to cleanse and exfoliate, I might do that over the sink and use a face cloth. A face cloth is the best exfoliator but use gently or you’ll look like you have heat stroke.


What do you do after that before you do your makeup?

I then place a hyaluronic acid serum all over my skin to plump it full of moisture and to help my foundation stay on better. Skin prep is key to keeping your foundation long lasting and to not have it ending up on your chest, because of either sweat or hot lights. Being a Beauty Bitch means I do seven thousand steps a day under warm lighting, so I need to make sure I look flawless for nine hours. I then either wear a sunscreen if the sun is beating down, or a light moisturiser.


Do you feel that primer is important or not?

Look, to be honest I don’t love using primer on everyone. If you’re dripping with enough oil in your t-zone to dress a salad, a primer adds an unnecessary layer that will eventually melt so if you really must wear one, keep it to a light gel with no silicone whatsoever. I do however like a primer on my skin and when I stopped being a lazy BB and re-added it to my routine, my foundation looks flawless all day.


How do you apply foundation so it stays on all day?

Okay, here is the most important bit. I used to use a brush and being in the industry for so many years, you learn so many different combinations and techniques but using a damp beauty blender or dense sponge works best overall, I find. Flawless coverage is achieved by pressing it in and taking your time with application is the only way it will stay on. We’re a busy bunch these days and it’s turned us into a culture of slappers. We slap everything on. Slapping on your skincare and makeup will not ensure staying power or flawlessness. The only thing we should be slapping is a cute toosh when we see it, but always ask first just in case.


What do you set with? Do you set with powder? Which powder? Jesus, too many choices!

I always set with a true (white/cream coloured) translucent powder. Translucent powder has no weight and doesn’t look powdery but is best applied with a powder puff and pressed into the skin. No slapping allowed with this one either or you’ll look like your face has fallen into a bowl of icing sugar. If you’re as shiny as all hell during the day, take a pressed powder with you, one that matches the colour of your skin tone and lightly press it on your t-zone to freshen up your greasy mug.


What about colour?

If I am doing really smokey eyes, I do them first, clean up after with a cotton pad and moisturiser, do my skin prep, then I do my foundation. If I am doing a plain old nude eye, I do it after my skin prep and foundation. I then do a fine liquid liner followed by mascara and a little brow powder in the gaps of my brow. Then I do my cheek blush and lips last, after I have had my cup of deep black Joe, otherwise known as coffee.


Mascara. How in the hell do you get it looking so fluffy and full?

Once again, because we love slapping it on due to being time poor, it means we don’t get that full velvety thick lash look that you can get if you spend time. Jiggle that wand at the root of the lash and lift slowly and evenly through the width of your lashes multiple times, if you want to look like Liza Minnelli.

A rubber tipped wand tends to deposit more mascara so you’ll get a thicker result. If you want your lashes a little more natural, then go for traditional bristles but your lashes won’t look as sexy when you bat them.

That’s how long it takes to create the face of a Beauty Bitch and with practice and the right technique, you too can add the word Beauty in front of Bitch.

Tina Andrews

Tina Andrews

Tina is a professional beauty bitch by day and can talk about fragrances for hours on end. She also likes to talk about culture and is a part time nerd who likes to quote movies and TV shows. Tina gets excited when people get her pop culture references. She dislikes bad coffee and paying too much for it.

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