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The Business of Fashion

Op-Ed | Why the Plus-Size Revolution Will Fail

Liroy Choufan, 27/7/18

Disturbing as it might sound, fashion and inclusivity are incompatible, argues Liroy Choufan.

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Business of Fashion

What Happens When Sephora Becomes Your Rival

Jessica Schiffer, 25/7/18

‘Small beauty retailers have thrived with ‘natural’ products that became big sellers. Now they are under pressure from the likes of Sephora muscling in on the space.’

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Top companies ‘failing’ on gender pay gap face investor revolt

Nassim Khadem, 23/7/18

‘Investors could take stronger action to force listed companies to address the gender pay gap – including protest votes against re-election of board members and executive remuneration – according to the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) which found that more than one quarter of ASX100 companies did not have a remuneration policy that explicitly covered gender pay equity.’

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Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility

Gender Pay Equity and Australian-listed Companies


‘ASX100 companies’ commitments and disclosures related to gender pay equity’

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The Conversation

How Australian media are changing the way they report violence against women

Annie Blatchford, 25/7/18

‘Recently in Australia there has been a horrific wave of murders of women and children. But, in the aftermath of the #metoo movement, we have seen a change in the way the media are reporting violence against women.’

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The Guardian

How will the gender pay gap affect your super?

‘Due to a number of social, economic and biological factors women are retiring with on average 47% less superannuation than men1. Find out how the super gap will affect your retirement.’

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ABC News

Super fund REST being sued for not having a plan for climate changeMichael Slezak, 25/7/18

‘The risk that your super could take a hit to its bottom line because of climate change could soon be something your fund is legally obliged to act on.’

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ABC News

Should IVF clinics publish success rates? Senator calls on Government to help make comparing clinics easier

Sandra Siagian, 24/7/18

‘The debate over whether IVF clinics should publish their success rates has been pushed into the spotlight after a South Australian senator called for the information to be made public to couples trying to conceive through the procedure.’

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