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ABC News


Burberry burns unsold products and not everyone is buying why

‘There are calls for an overhaul of the fashion industry after the upmarket British fashion label Burberry says it burned unsold clothes, accessories and perfume worth over $50 million last year to protect its brand.’

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The New Yorker

The Prada Flame Shirt Is Performance Art

Troy Patterson, 21/7/18

‘The shirt, part of Prada’s fall-winter collection, resembles an elevated version of an embarrassment perpetrated by one’s father at a backyard barbecue. Its ugliness is impudent.’

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Business of Fashion

Billion-Dollar Beauty Brands Face Exit Conundrum

BoF Team, 20/7/18

‘A new breed of buzzy beauty brands are using social media to drive rapid growth. But can they credibly command technology-style valuations?’

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Man Repeller

Kylie Jenner and the Myth of the Self-Made Millennial

Philip Ellis, 18/7/18

‘According to Forbes, reality star and cosmetics queen Kylie Jenner is on track to become the youngest self-made billionaire ever. I call bullshit.’

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The Guardian

Ben Doherty, 20/7/18

Australia imports $12bn worth of goods at risk of being made by slaves – report

‘Electronics, clothes, fish, cocoa and even trafficked human organs at risk of being a product of modern slavery, Global Slavery Index reveals.’

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In the Age of Trump, Ignore Women’s Magazines at Your Peril

Riley Griffin, 20/7/18

‘It’s not just Teen Vogue. Readers are flocking to the websites of Glamour and Cosmo, and they’re responding with aggressive political reporting.’

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