My Experience with Fillers and Plastic Surgery

Honest Review of Fillers and Plastic Surgery


Since my late teens, I was constantly told that I looked tired. With makeup or without it and I know so many other women who hate being told that. I look like me! That’s what I wanted to yell at them. I got 8-10 hours sleep a night, in my case, my genetics would let me down. On my mum’s side of the family everyone had very deep baggy under-eyes so I couldn’t do anything about it… at least that’s what I thought.

There are so many procedures that are invasive and non-invasive that you can do to help with aging and sagging skin; I just never thought I would need it at my age, but the only thing I regret is not getting it done sooner! They say that you age when you hit twenty and that’s when you should start making sure you take care of your skin. I was twenty-five years old when I got my first fillers and it was instant love! I got 2ml of dermal fillers put under my eyes (1ml each side) and it looked great! It only cost me $890 at the time and was worth every cent. Not long after that I started to treat my skin better, including simple masks and peels.

I want to say the answer was obvious, but it wasn’t. I just assumed it would be my life to have baggy under eyes. I was actually seeing a doctor for something else when he mentioned he could do something about my eyes. He was a plastic surgeon and I was there for a nose job (I will come back to this one). I was shocked; I didn’t think something could be done for under $1k! But sure enough, I came back two weeks later and got my first injection and it was worth it.



Since then I tell everyone that I have had them done and if they are concerned about a certain area then go see a professional about it. Fuck society! Seriously, there is so much pressure to be perfect naturally, but that’s because we have celebs as role models. Thing is, those celebs have had far more procedures; they would get regular skin tightening treatments, fillers, botox and all that fun stuff to a ‘natural-looking’ level that we never comment on because we are disconnected from it, but when a friend or yourself stop and start to consider one of these treatments, the words ‘fake’, ‘plastic’ and ‘snob’ start to enter your head. Well I want to blow this right out of the water now.

There is nothing ‘fake’ about wanting to boost your self-confidence. There is nothing ‘plastic’ about wanting to feel better about your appearance. You are your own person and you control your life, if you want to do something then do it! Screw what everyone else says.

My nose job was a decision I made years ago. I spent 5-7 years saving my pennies because I hated my nose. I thought it was too big and when I finally got enough money I booked in for a consultation. I never have regretted my choices. My nose is now perfect, I love it, and funny enough, I get compliments about it! I don’t hide this fact about myself, in fact I boast about it almost as much as I boast about my fillers. Because I made a choice for myself and I love the results.



Now, with fillers there is a catch. Fillers only last in your body between 12-18 months (they are very safe btw!) so you need to get a top-up. Lucky for me it lasts 18-24 months, probably because I am younger, so $500-1k every two years is nothing!

I have tried other procedures as well. Before my wedding I got botox at my crows feet to experience what it feels like, what the results would be and to better understand it. I have not, since then, gotten more because I don’t need it. I think I can make it to thirty before I should consider it. At least that’s what my nurse says. But in December last year, I got horribly sick and lost a lot of weight, including from my face that made me look a little on the ill side. I couldn’t put that weight back on, and even if I could I might not get it back in my face, so I went back to my skin doctor. She suggested some fillers in my cheek and during that talk I (for the first time ever!) considered getting lip fillers. I shocked myself, as I never thought I would go for lip fillers. I too can use google and see all the giant, obviously fake lips people get, but that’s the difference between my doctor and yours. She doesn’t do fake, she does natural, so a couple of weeks after the fillers I got my lips done. I remember the first thing I said: ‘don’t give my Kylie Jenner lips!’ That got me a couple of laughs and reassurance that I won’t have anything like that.

All I needed was 1ml. So that’s $600ish? It was worth it for two years of amazing lips. I got 0.3ml in the top and 0.5ml in the bottom. The extra 0.2mls went into my cheek (I don’t like waste). They were slightly swollen for the first twenty-four hours, but perfect two days later (I mean, I loved them while they were a little swollen as well!) I was so happy I went straight to Facebook to show before and after photos of my perfect lips. My lips aren’t big to start with so the weight loss thinned them out and this made them better than before! I didn’t give a flip what the haters said, because I was so amazingly happy with the results I had to share it and nothing could change my mind. The response was amazing, nothing but positivity!



It also brought in a lot of questions and people sharing their own, horrible, experiences with lip fillers. The one thing I found in common with their stories? They all used a nurse for the injections and went somewhere that I would never go to for fillers. I had a doctor. A Wonderful, smart, pretty and brilliant doctor who is a pro at fillers and the procedure, including the different methods.

So where did I go? Who did I see? Do I still love it two months later?

I went to Clear Complexions in Bruce. I went there two years ago after bad break outs that wouldn’t clear up but they are great! They helped me understand my skin and the damages done to it from the sun and acne. They put me on a treatment plan and every 3-6 months I go in for a review to make sure the current treatment plan is the correct one for my concerns and skin. I quickly learnt why you should pay a little bit of extra cash for a doctor to do your fillers while I was there. The nurses do everything except for fillers because it can be complex. There were no lumps, no bruising and fantastic results when the doctor did my fillers.

Doctor Kate is the lovely women I see. She is only there on Fridays if you want to book and see her.

Yes. 100% yes. I still love them and get so many compliments from people who know I got the job done, and even more people now wanting to get it done themselves.

Also — my nose job cost me $6.5k with $1.5k claimed back on medicare (don’t know if you can still do that or not).


Note: Clear Complexions have advised us that their Nurses are able to carry out injections including botox, lips, cheeks and jaws and that their Doctors perform work on less common areas. 


Samantha Powell Von Lear

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