Old Masters


In art history, the term ‘Old Master’ refers to any painter of skill who worked in Europe before about 1800. It also refers to a painting by such an artist. This creative editorial brings together references ranging from the old masters, to the representation of women throughout history, to our relationship with artificial and constructed environments.


Explore each distinct study 


  • A Study in Blue
  • A Study in Lady-like Behaviour
  • A Study in the Wild




Photography: Elisa Paci / elsapax.wixsite.com / Facebook / Instagram @elisapaciphotographer

Hair and Makeup: Lilah Gow / www.lilahgow.com / Facebook / Instagram @lilahgowmakeup

Styling and props: Emma Batchelor / Instagram @emma.leiden

Model: Samantha Farrow / Instagram @sammyfarrow at Devojka Models / devojka.com.au / Instagram @devojkamodels

Concept: Elisa Paci, Lilah Gow, Emma Batchelor

Set styling: Emma Batchelor and Elisa Paci


Team Leiden

Sometimes it takes more than one Contributor to make magic.

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