News Round Up – 24 June 2018



The Guardian

Brands including Ikea shun new safety accord after Rana Plaza disaster

Michael Safi, 6/6/18

‘New pact follows Bangladesh Accord, a safety agreement reached after building collapse killed more than 1,000 workers’

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How The Media Has Failed Kate Spade

Grace O’Neill, 6/6/18

‘Journalists have a moral responsibility in the wake of a suicide—the coverage of Kate Spade’s death has proved why we need to adhere to it.’

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Business of Fashion

Behind the Scenes of the LVMH Prize

Christopher Morency, 6/6/18

‘Tokyo-based designer Masayuki Ino of Doublet was crowned the winner of the French conglomerate’s fashion award, while Rok Hwang was awarded the special prize after three selection rounds over five months of competition.’

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Issa Rae Slams Kanye In Scathing CFDA Opening Monologue

India Pougher, 6/6/18

‘Issa Rae hosted the 2018 CFDA Awards last night, and delivered a memorable opening monologue to the fashionable crowd.’

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The Guardian

Grace Dent: ‘The processed food debate is delicious, MSG-sprinkled class war’

Grace Dent, 2/6/18

‘Healthy-food campaigners may be sincere, but they do not know the pure joy of a Birds Eye potato waffle or Mint Viennetta.’

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The Guardian

Germaine, your shock-jock musings just alienate today’s young feminists

Barbara Ellen, 3/6/18

‘With her views on rape, Germaine Greer has torpedoed the chance for women of all generations to find common cause.’

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ABC News

Apple offers new tools to help control smartphone addiction amid tech backlash

Ariel Bogle, 5/6/18

‘Apple has unveiled new tools to help people control their smartphone use, after facing accusations that its technology is “addictive”.’

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