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The Business of Fashion

Turbulent Times in Australian Retail

Megan Doyle, 26/5/18

‘Heritage retailers and global e-tailers are locked in battle for the Australian consumer, pitting old guard against new guard while fashion brands get caught in the crossfire.’

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The Business of Fashion

Subverting Selfie Culture

Karl Plewka, 28/5/18

‘There are those who are raising an anarchic middle finger at the contoured, pornstar perfection of the needy Insta-ready wannabes, writes Karl Plewka of Beauty Papers.’

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Social Media

The Business of Fashion

Do Influencers Need Regulating?

John Ortved, 29/5/18

‘The land of sponsored posts and freebies is still very much the Wild West without a clear sheriff, but social media companies may ultimately have the biggest interest in keeping things clean.’

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The Business of Fashion

Op-Ed | The Dark Side of Social Media

Emma Hope Allwood, 30/5/18

‘For highly strung, hyper-connected millennials scrolling anxiously through the sea of illusions we’ve worked so hard to create, Instagram is becoming a trap, writes Emma Hope Allwood.’

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The Business of Fashion

Fashion Editors or Influencers? Sometimes It’s Hard to Tell.

Chantal Fernandez, 31/5/18

‘Magazine editors have blanched at the rise of digital influencers, but many have grown their own social media presence from hobby to side hustle.’

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The Guardian

Most GDPR emails unnecessary and some illegal, say experts

Alex Hern, 22/5/18

‘Many firms have the required consent already; others don’t have consent to send a request’

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The Guardian

All hail the renaissance of Hugh Grant, freed from decades of romcom hell

Hadley Freeman, 26/5/18

‘In the past two years he has produced the best work of his life, including his latest turn in A Very English Scandal’

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The New Yorker

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Comes to Terms with Global Fame

Larissa MacFarquar, 30/5/18

‘As her subjects have expanded, her audience has, too, but visibility has its drawbacks.’

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