The Light Within You


We’ve established a false sense of identity which is not in line with who we really are. A socially constructed set of attributes, formed from a very early age from the way we have been brought up and the environment around us.

Many of us grow up with the underlying belief that we are never good enough ‪— so we continually seek new diets/training/clothing/materialistic objects to make us feel better about who we are, not realising in the moment that all of this is just feeding our ego and our false sense of self.

The constant pursuit of unattainable perfection damages us — spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. It begins to appear in various aspects of our lives — from our thought processes and self-esteem to the relationships we hold with others and the world around us.

Fixations and obsessions continue to arise, as we begin to focus too much on our external shell rather than question our existence or our purpose in this life.

We get stuck on a carousel of work, home, sleep, limiting 80% of our reality to hierarchies and sets of beliefs which mean nothing in the outside world and further prevent/restrict us us from connecting with nature.

So long as we continue to fixate on our outer layer and give in to materialism and the illusion around us, we will not discover who we really are, what we are capable of nor pursue higher states of consciousness.


For most of us, our lives are filled with constant ‘pressure’ and distractions to prevent us from even having time to question our higher purpose, how the world really works or the existential truth, whatever it may be.

Instead we repeat a set of taught existential truths which have been bestowed upon us even before we had time to develop and think for ourselves.

Technology has damaged us as individuals and as a society — not just in the way that we portray curated aspects of our lives and engage with others, but also in the chemical wiring of our brains which has been compared to the way that poker machines are set up to cause addictions in users.

The same chemicals are released (dopamine, serotonin) in our brains in both gambling and social media, to keep us constantly seeking more — using notifications and red alarms to make us constantly distracted and always wanting to ‘clear the slate’ in our inbox and notification panels. A never-ending scroll to consume your life and decrease your productivity, to further distract you. Meeting people has become a digital platform, where we swipe left and right based on someones physical appearance and what may not even be the person in the images, contributing to our social anxiety of meeting someone and having no idea who they are or whether you are actually attracted to their physical attributes and energy.

Conversations have turned into acronyms and a series of emojis, or lack of conversations at all — as so many dates and outings consist of a disconnection to the person in front of them and a fixation on the small screen that sits between your fingertips.

Furthermore, complex robotic algorithms are set up to monitor your engagement (and even listen to your private conversations if you haven’t switched your microphone settings off) to continually target advertising to you, and political campaigns to control your perception and keep you focused on certain issues whilst hiding other atrocities which are taking place in the world.

But of course you get your fair share of negativity — for various reasons — mainly with the intention to keep you in a state of fear (primal emotion, animalistic base level of consciousness) — so that you feel like you ‘need’ the government to control you and keep everyone in order.


To those of you who are suffering from this illusion (and most probably do not know the root of your suffering): it’s not your fault.

Your mind is like a computer — and since you were a baby it has been wired in a certain way to cause you to be in this state of chaos.

I’m here to tell you something. You are not alone.

You may be feeling lost, empty, anxious, depressed. I was too. I couldn’t understand why I built myself up and continually destroyed myself and self-sabotaged, over and over, for ten years until I became suicidal.

There was a light deep within me though — one which knew that I was destined for greater things, and one which didn’t really know which path to take but had the courage to seek answers to questions I didn’t even necessarily know to ask.

There was one conversation in particular which changed my life, and rewired twenty-five years of neurological wiring in my brain. That conversation was vulnerable, and made me think of the earliest memories where I felt certain emotions to allow me to discover the barriers which kept me from achieving my full potential.

What was beautiful, though, is that after that conversation not only did I discover myself, but instantly my mind also understood the world at a much higher level.

It’s like pipes which were once blocked and the obstruction removed — a beautiful flow of thoughts and understanding allowed me to evolve at an exponential rate ever since that conversation. So the purpose of this post today is to:

  1. Remind you that you are not alone.
  2. Assure you that it is not your fault.
  3. Teach you that no matter where you are in your mindset or journey, this very moment can be the start of a new life for you — one which entails a greater sense of self purpose, awareness and understanding.


It is never too late to become who you have always wanted to be, or discover who you are, and the journey never stops — evolution of the self is a continuous journey.

So despite everything in this world telling you hat you’re not good enough I am here to tell you the opposite, you are good enough, and that everything you need is already inside of you. All the tools, energy, healing power — you just need to talk to the right mentors and/or participate in the right practices (such as meditation) to allow access to your subconscious and deeper levels of consciousness and understanding.

There is nothing in life I am more passionate about than helping people love themselves. I am living breathing proof that ten years of clinical depression can be reversed without a single tablet (but if you have taken some, that’s okay) — but now it’s time to treat the root of the problem which can only be found by allowing yourself to become completely vulnerable and talking to someone you trust. Someone who has the tools to access deep information and help you reach your state of enlightenment.

A moment of gratitude to the key conversation (and person) who changed my life, and every other mentor I have had (and still have) along the way. Pain is our greatest teacher. Hopefully this post can be the gateway to finding your own light, the light which you may not know you have, the light which may yet to be discovered.


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Model: Lara Saunders
Makeup: Maria S

Tina Nikolovski

Tina Nikolovski

Tina is a fashion photographer, model agent, personal trainer and instructor. She is a lover of life - and believes that everyone should be living to their higher purpose, in a self-constructed lifestyle, discovering themselves from the inside out. A lover of animals, nature and all things pure, Tina believes that anything in this life is possible, and dependant on one’s perception and inner drive.

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