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Business of Fashion

Can ‘Sick-Cute’ Fashion Break Japan’s Silence on Suicide?

Kati Chitrakorn, 3/4/18

‘With garments spelling ‘I Want to Die’ and accessories like syringes and bandages, a dark offshoot of the oppressively cute ‘kawaii’ culture is addressing the hush-hush topic of depression and mental illness in Japan. ‘

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The New Yorker

What Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Can Teach the Modern Worker

Jessica Weisberg, 2/4/18

‘Dale Carnegie treated the employee-employer relationship as a sacred, symbiotic bond. In today’s economy, work is structured more like a string of one-night stands.’

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The Sydney Morning Herald

The fundamental operating model of Australian politics is breaking down

Lachlan Harris & Andrew Charlton, 2/4/18

‘Is there any Australian left who hasn’t complained, or at least rolled their eyes about the state of politics in Canberra? Most of us tend to blame the politicians for all this, but a new analysis of voter data suggests a less comfortable truth. The problem is not just them. It’s also us.’

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The New Yorker

Meg Wolitzer Rides the Feminist Waves

Alexandra Schwartz, 5/4/18

‘Wolitzer’s novel examines the mottled legacy that second-wave feminism has left for American women now coming of age.’

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The New Yorker

How Women See How Male Authors See Them

Katy Waldman, 3/4/18

‘On Easter Sunday, the writer and podcaster Whit Reynolds ripped open a Pandora’s box of secondary sex characteristics when she challenged her Twitter followers to “describe yourself like a male author would.” The responses—of which there are now thousands—don’t so much display a unifying theme as a unifying shape or curvature.’

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Body Image

The Guardian

For weightloss celebs, there is only ever one end to their stories

Eva Wiseman, 1/4/18

An April Fools’ Day reflection on this century’s biggest prank, the celebrity weightloss DVD

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We Are All Unruly

Keah Brown, 4/4/18

‘The body on the other side of self-hatred’

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The Guardian

Constable who endured agony of endometriosis claims she then had to battle ‘bullying’ bosses

Helen Davidson, 6/4/18

‘Discriminated against in the South Australian police force, Sarah Berry fought back.’

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The New Yorker

How a Young Woman Lost Her Identity

By Rachel Aviv, April 2018

Hannah Upp disappears for weeks at a time, forgetting her sense of self. Can she still be found?

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The Conversation

Why are fewer and fewer Americans fixing their noses?

Laurie Essig, 5/4/18

‘Recently I ran across a statistic that stopped me in my tracks: Americans are no longer obsessed with fixing their noses. In fact, the number of nose jobs, or rhinoplasties, has gone down 43 percent since 2000.’

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