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Smile Makers Vibrators


An idle scroll through our Facebook feed the other day alerted us to the fact that online retailer Nourished Life has just started stocking cult vibrator brand Smile Makers. And people, including us, are certainly smiling because that means they are easily (and discreetly) available in Australian dollars.

After a trip into her local sex store, one of Smile Makers co-founders left feeling disappointed in the range of products available. To her, what was on offer felt tasteless and offensive. And so after a lot of market research the Smile Makers journey began to create a brand who’s mission is all about normalising female sexuality and empowering women.

The range now boasts five vibrators that are safe, incredibly fun to use, and feature award winning design. How about The Fireman, a clitoral stimulator featuring soft fluttering flames, or The Frenchman an oral sex simulator. Or if your G-spot needs some love, why not give The Tennis Coach a try? You can even take a little quiz to find out which is best for you.



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  • The Surfer
  • The Tennis Coach
  • The Fireman
  • The Millionaire
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  • The Frenchman
Elle Summers

Elle Summers

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