How to Style – 3 Ways with Ankle Straps

how to Style Ankle Straps

Attico Ankle Straps


As it’s name suggests, the ankle strap is just like a bracelet but for your feet. Attico, an Italian label founded by street style stars and designers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio is responsible for making them popular.

While fun in theory, ankle straps are unsurprisingly difficult to style largely due to their knack for making your legs appear much shorter than they in fact are. So unless you are blessed with lovely lean legs, you, like me, need to work a little bit harder to make the ankle strap work.

I have found that the straps work best with a loose hemline that stops below the knee, somewhere mid calf. Think a dress, midi skirt or pair of culottes. Because most of your legs are covered, the eye is drawn to the thinnest part on show: your ankle adorned with an ankle strap.

Ankle straps have the ability to change the look of any shoe you pair with them. Backless shoes such as slippers and mules make happy bedfellows with the ankle strap, however don’t be afraid to try them with a pump. Also don’t be afraid to play with colour and texture.


Suggestion One: Pair with Cute Slippers

How to Style Ankle Straps

Charlotte Olympia Slippers


Suggestion Two: Pair with Socks and Slides

How to Style Ankle Straps

Simone Rocha slides, Voodoo Socks


Suggestion Three: Pair with Elegant Pumps

How to Style Ankle Straps

Vintage Versace Pumps


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