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Name: Kate Hall
Age: 21
What I do: Ethical fashion writer, brand advocate, and entrepreneur


Describe your Personal Style
My style is quirky and eclectic, with a side of class and simplicity. I know that describes pretty much every style, but it’s true that I dress differently depending on the day and mood. I’m excited by colour, and love being the only one in the room in a skirt with unicorns and elephants. Some days I go for classic looks, as I adore all things vintage. I think everyone must have quite different first impressions of me.


What pieces are on high rotation in your wardrobe?
KowTow is my favourite brand and it feels like I am always wearing something KowTow, no matter the outfit. My black t-shirt dress by KowTow is a very stable piece as I can wear it with bold and colourful jewelry, crazy tights, or just around the house in summer time. My other favourite is a cute vintage dress made of toweling material that I found in a secondhand shop. You know those dresses which scream YOU and feel like you were the one who designed it? I feel like that with this dress.


What are you favourite labels, who are your favourite designers?
To be honest, if you asked me to list as many mainstream designers/labels as possible, I wouldn’t be talking for more than 10 seconds. This is something I am working on at the moment to grow my knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry, but I am also quite content. I shop secondhand,and work with ethical fashion brands who don’t necessarily have the top designers working for them and are usually quite small and fresh. I do love Karen Walker, though not all her pieces are my jam, and I really love Trina Turk’s work – it’s the colour pop! TAMGA and KowTow would be my current favourite labels, and I am so excited for their growth in the new year.


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How do you approach dressing?
Even though I am a really organized person, I find it hard to choose what to wear the night before the event. I think this comes back to my love of reflecting a different part of myself each day, depending on my mood. Sometimes I will choose one necklace, or one top that I particularly want to wear, and then create my outfit around that piece. Occasionally, my husband and I will play a game where I pick his clothes whilst he picks mine. It’s always a bit of fun and keeps my outfit combos fresh.


What pieces do you never wear but hold onto ‘“just in case’”?
I try not to have these pieces, but in saying that, there is a vintage lace overtop that I love dearly but have only worn twice this year. I know what I will do with it, but I think it’s definitely a ‘just in case’ piece that maybe one day will become a summer classic when I find the right garment to pair with it.


How do approach shopping for clothes and accessories?
I shop for ‘statement’ pieces at secondhand shops, and find my basics and classics at ethical fashion brands. Because of my work, I review products and share the word through enjoying, wearing, and loving them, so I am given garments. It’s awesome as I get to choose clothes and brands I love to work with, reducing my time spent shopping. I’m so grateful for this. I don’t think I have shopped for something in several months actually – just for household items at secondhand shops.


Where are your favourite places to shop?
I love shopping on K-Road which is a main street in Auckland City Central. They have the best vintage shops! I also love popping into Trade Aid which is really great for gifts and household items made overseas.


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What is on your current shopping list?
I am looking out for a pair of good denim shorts. I have realized I need these for the summer as sometimes my summer dresses don’t cut it or just aren’t practical for outdoor activities. I have been looking at secondhand shops, but might need to expand my horizons.


What item do you dream of owning?
For far too long, I have pictured myself in a forest green trench coat. One day it will find me, but for now, I just keep my eye out…


Who’s personal style do you most admire?
I really admire Clare Press’s fashion. It’s not just her similarly aligned ethics and values around fashion, but the bright colours, patterns and textiles are what I am all about.


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Emma Batchelor

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