February 2018 – 3

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Welcome to our weekly news round up where we highlight the news stories that have captured our attention during the past seven days.



 Business of Fashion

The Murky Business of Feel-Good Crystals

Laura Neilson


‘Fashion and celebrities have embraced crystals as a trend, but behind their shiny charm and feel good vibes lies a shadowy, unregulated industry and a rocky relationship with the environment.’

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Model Accused Of Racism Outside London Fashion Week Shows

Grace O’Neill


‘Two street style photographers have spoken out about a reported incident of racism outside the London Fashion Week shows.’

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‘Mecca announces a three day beauty festival in Melbourne with brands, products and beauty superstars’

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Health & Fitness


Why it’s so hard to skip that burger or beer — even though you know it’s bad for you

Adam Bulley and Thomas Suddendorf


‘Everyone knows smoking, consuming too much sugar and drinking too much alcohol will harm our long-term health — but many of us do these things anyway. Why?’

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La Trobe University research identifies four types of drinkers, so which one are you?

ABC Radio Canberra


‘Do you enjoy a wine over dinner with friends, a beer in front of the TV after a long day or a boozy night out on the town with mates? Alcohol may be part of Australia’s culture but have you ever stopped to think about why you drink?’

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The Guardian

Women have changed the mood. Now we need to change policy

Harriet Harmen


‘Only better policy and processes for equal pay, reporting abuse and harassment and ending male privilege will change women’s reality.’

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Understanding Female Investors


‘Little primary research exists on women’s distinctive approach to money and their preference for investing responsibly. Moxie Future felt it was time to shine a light on the mind set of today’s female investors.’

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