Our Style Goals for 2018

2018 Style Goals Leiden


The start of a new year presents the perfect opportunity to reflect upon personal style. We asked a few members of team Leiden to share their wardrobe goals for the New Year.



My goals for the year ahead are to:

  • Buy less and make better use of what I already have.
  • Buy better quality, investment pieces and avoid fast fashion.
  • Shop as ethically as possible.
  • Be bolder in my styling and to have as much fun with my clothes as possible.
  • Actually make use of all my accessories and jewellery.
  • Experiment more with my makeup.
  • Go to the hairdresser more often.
  • Make more effort to style my hair.
  • Paint my nails every week.



In 2018 I will:

  • Look for quality over quantity.
  • Invest in the clothing I will wear over and over in my regular life, rather than ‘special occasion’ outfits.
  • Avoid fast fashion and one-off outfit purchases.
  • Support local retailers and local labels as much as possible.
  • Shop as ethically as possible.
  • Make bold choices and only buy clothes that make me feel happy when I wear them.



For 2018 I have a few style and beauty goals.

This year I want to:

  • Choose things I can wear multiple ways with multiple items.
  • Be mindful of the materials each item is made from and how sustainable it is.
  • Not worry about what other people like or think. I am going to dress for me.
  • Not be afraid to show my personality through my style. I will be brave.
  • I will learn to love my body and dress with confidence.

When it comes to beauty I want to:

  • Experiment more with colour around my eyes.
  • Try swapping out every day products for cruelty free alternatives.
  • Refresh my skin care routine and try some new products.
  • Embrace my face and what I see as flaws.
  • Try some new lipstick colours.



With a baby on the way my style priorities for 2018 will be to consider the following:

  • Comfort and quality has always been important in any item of clothing I purchase, but will be non-negotiable since pregnancy began to change my body.
  • The three boxes that must be ticked for any top I purchase in 2018 are comfort, quality and ease for breastfeeding (fashion has been kind to me this season with button up tops coming in). Ability to withstand baby induced spills and stains will be a bonus.
  • For bottoms: quality, comfort and stretch will be essential to accommodate the home stretch of the third trimester and post-birth. Again, ability to withstand any baby induced spills and stains will be a huge plus.
  • Everything I wear will be easy to care for because life is about to get complicated with a baby.
  • I need my clothes to be every-day durable. I don’t own many items of clothing and tend to wear the same 7-9 pieces on rotation in different outfits every week, so anything I purchase will need to cope with being washed frequently and regularly.
  • A splash of colour or fun print won’t go astray – I still want to wear clothes that make me smile and take pleasure in what I wear.



This year I plan to:

  • Downsize my wardrobe for easy travel convenience. I want to be on the move and ready for fabulousness.
  • Mix and match gender more. I won’t be afraid to check in the ladies section for fresh and unique looks.
  • Invest in versatile and high quality accessories for high rotation.
  • Shop second hand.
  • Repair, recycle or gift unwanted items.

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