Why We Are Taking A Break

Why We are Taking a break lexi Keelan for Leiden


2017 has been a big year for Leiden. We turned one year old in March and to celebrate we launched our first ever print publication, an online store and our very own Book Club. To coincide with Canberra’s annual fashion event FASHFEST in late September we released our second print zine and launched Leiden Podcast, a fortnightly podcast discussing anything and everything with a range of contributors and guests. In November we published our first ever book on ethical and sustainable fashion ‘Building a Conscious Wardrobe‘ at ethical design event Fashionably Numb.

And we did all that while continuing to produce original content for our online magazine as well supporting all the incredible people who contribute to our publication. As creating for Leiden is still a labour of love, each of us continued to work our full time day jobs, so naturally, come the new year we are absolutely pooped and in desperate need of a rest.

In order to tidy up a few loose ends behind the scenes, bring a few big ideas to life and of course recharge for the year ahead, team Leiden will be taking a break for the month of January. What does this mean:


  • We will still be answering our emails so feel free to get in contact with us
  • We won’t be publishing any new content until February but will be treating our readers to some of the incredible work in our archives
  • We will still be working away in the background to improve Leiden and unroll new projects
  • We will be resting and recharging ready to create and publish more incredible content from February onwards


We want to thank each and every reader for their support in 2017 and looking forward to spending more time together in 2018.


Love Leiden




Team Leiden

Sometimes it takes more than one Contributor to make magic.

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