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Camille Aniversario is certainly not one to dream small. Not only is she the founder of much loved local business Pip & Lou The Canberra Dessert Designer, Camille is also the founder of Invincible She an empowering personal blog as well as the designer of childrenswear label Margery which will be launching in 2018. Camille is also a survivor of domestic violence and a passionate advocate for women. So you could say she dreams big, she dreams loud and she dreams without restraint.

On the 10 December, Camille will add another string to her bow: launching a landmark event in Canberra set to highlight the experience of women facing adversity. Given that the event, which takes place at Pavilion on Northbourne on Sunday 10 December sold out so quickly, there is clearly an appetite for discussion of this nature.

The event will comprise a roster of inspirational speakers who will candidly share their experiences facing adversity whether it be dealing with loss, disease, disability, domestic violence, sexual abuse or trauma. Key speakers on the day include:



As well as hearing each of these women share their own story, a panel facilitated by Georgie King (founder of GLK Nannies and co-founder of The Women’s Collective), will provide an opportunity for attendees to form a part of the discussion. Panelists include:

  • Camille Aniversario
  • Zebunnissa Khan (resident psychologist and clinical expert)
  • Samantha Harvey
  • Clare Sheehan
  • Emma Madsen
  • Najima Rasool


The event is designed to support and empower those young women who may not speak as boldly as others, but whom might benefit from exposure to the strength and presence of other women with a shared experience. Psychologist and clinical expert, Zebunnissa Khan will also be on hand.

For those that have missed out a second event has been added on February 4 2018. There are still a small number of tickets available so get in quick.


Event Details

Sunday 10 December 2017

11.00am – 2.00pm

Pavilion on Northbourne


If you missed out on tickets to the December event do not miss out on the follow up in February


Sunday 4 February 2017

11.00am – 2.00pm

Pavilion on Northbourne


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