Treatment Review: Microblading

I’m not sure about you but I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with brows.


When I found out about feather tattoo and microblading, I was intrigued. My first thoughts were of my mum’s friends with their blue stained tattoo brows which I definitely was not a fan of. Microblading or feathering tattoos have come a long way since then. Rather than a solid block of colour, hair strokes are drawn on, mimicking natural brow hairs.

I recently did mine and cannot be happier. I do not need to fill in my brows any more as I wake up like I’ve always had perfect full brow.


Do your research

My Instagram is full of different brow places. I could see their previous works and decide if I liked what I saw or not. This also helped me find different brow places, look at different brow shapes and made me think of what I liked in a brow – fullness, arch and general shape.

Brow tattoos are semi-permanent and can last between six months up to two years depending on your skin type, metabolic rates and other varying factors such as skincare and lifestyle.


Natural Brow


Oily skin

Before I did mine, Tanya, my brow artist, advised me that feathering wasn’t the best option for me as I have oily skin and recommended to do a combination of feathering as well as a powder filled effect. This is because the pigmentation can fade a lot faster compared to our dry/normal skin counterparts. As each stroke is super fine, as time goes on, these can fade completely or blur faster.


The Procedure

I was at the clinic for just under two hours total. First they applied a numbing cream to my brows which needed to sit on the skin for at least 30‒45 minutes. After this time I went in and Tanya asked me a few questions about the shape and style of the brows I preferred and proceeded to draw the shape with a pencil while making sure it suited my face shape and bone structure. Once I was happy, she started blading my brows.

I had the numbing cream on for around 45 minutes before the procedure started. I was nervous at first as I didn’t feel any different, but as Tanya was putting in the strokes I realised I didn’t feel a thing. The numbing cream had worked a treat on the right brow. By the time she had started on the left brow, I could start feeling where the blade was but there was still no pain.

If you are worried about the pain, talk to your artist and they can walk you through process so you are comfortable. You could space out your touch up session to longer to allow for more healing time in between.


Brow after proceedure


Healing Process

For the first week I was strictly forbidden to touch or get anything on my brows including water. I’m glad I washed my hair the morning of the procedure as the fourth day in, it was a bit tricky washing my hair while avoiding getting water on my brows. On the second day you could tell my brows were a lot darker as the strokes had scabbed over. Towards the end of the week they started to peel which is a normal part of the healing process. I have to admit, after the first week I was questioning if it was worth it as my brows were patchy and the colour looked like it had faded drastically. But I shouldn’t have doubted the process, once they had fully peeled and a couple of weeks had passed they had darkened and evened out. There were some strokes where I noticed the colour wasn’t as pigmented as others but this was fixed in my touch up session.


Touch Up Session

A touch up after the initial session is included following up to twelve weeks and is recommended as it is good to follow up for any patchy areas and for the brow artist to look how your skin has retained colour and adjust if you need them darker.

I did mine right on the six-week mark. I went in as I did the first session, numbing cream was applied for 30 minutes. The pain this time around was higher, they say this is because the skin is already sensitive from the first session, therefore you will feel it more.


Healed Brows


If you are thinking of doing your brows, do your research and find someone you are comfortable with. Even if it is semi-permanent, you want to ensure your brow artist has a good understanding of brows and the blading process.


Bec had her brows done at Tanya Beauty Care, Sydney. Leiden also loves Brow’ed

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