Beauty in a Smile

The magic of a person’s true smile.






‘I am a woman, who like most of us in this wonderful thing we call life, continually finds herself stuck between a rock and hard place when it comes to the word beauty. As a makeup artist, I fight a continuing battle to be “real” in an industry, that when it comes down to it, is pretty superficial.’

‘I love that makeup can be used as a form of self-expression, that it can be used to show who a person truly is. I love that makeup is a tool that can help someone feel empowered and beautiful. I love that makeup has the ability to let someone who struggles with confidence feel that they can walk out of their front door with their head held high.’

‘What I don’t like is the feeling that those of us who are NOT genetically blessed with perfect skin or a perfectly symmetrical face get when confronted with the images of ideal beauty that are everywhere today. It’s like waking up in the morning realising your dream face is a glass slipper left on the step at midnight.’

‘Today we strive to project an ideal version of ourselves to the world, something that is bigger and better than our real lives. We try for that perfect model pose, a perfect selfie. We feel the pressure to prove that we were always out doing something, that we are living the best life possible, all while looking impossibly fabulous. I am guilty of this myself; it’s really hard not to be. But at what cost does this behaviour come to our spirit?’

‘Over the past few years I have found it increasingly difficult to connect with with the trend for intense, mask-like makeup. I believe that makeup should enhance a person’s features, not completely change them. Often when you watch a makeup tutorial these days the girl looks almost unrecognisable at the end and I think that’s sad.’

‘I do believe that a shift is happening, that a simpler, cleaner beauty style is taking over. Using makeup to not mask, but enhance what you are born with, is the trend I want to see. When it comes down to it, makeup should be fun, and we have every right to play and do whatever works for us as individuals.’

‘No matter what the latest trend is, whatever makeup look you go for, there is really nothing more beautiful than a true smile. I am learning that happiness is the most beautiful thing, and that everything else is just icing on the cake.’

– Lilah Gow



Concept: Lilah Gow / / Facebook / Instagram 

Makeup – Lilah Gow Makeup Artistry

Hair – Lilah Gow

Photography – Stephen Gow & Lilah Gow

Models –  Courtney Martin, Bree Blewitt, Georgia Doble and Lamishi Michelle Dauda


Lilah Gow

Lilah Gow

Lilah Gow is an award winning makeup artist who has studied in Sydney and LA, and is now based in Canberra. She has worked alongside some of Australia's most respected artists in Fashion, Film, Television and Editorial. She has now turned her focus to bringing quality makeup services to the Canberra region.

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