Concept, Creative Director: Tina Nikolovski  / / Facebook / @tinanikolovski
Photographer: Tina Nikolovski
Stylist: Maeva Navas / @maeva.navas
Makeup: Telisa Orzelek / @telisaorzelek
Wardrobe: The Label, Zilpah Tart, Zara
Model: Vanessa Way Attah at Devojka Models / @devojkamodels

Tina Nikolovski

Tina Nikolovski

Tina is a fashion photographer, model agent, personal trainer and instructor. She is a lover of life - and believes that everyone should be living to their higher purpose, in a self-constructed lifestyle, discovering themselves from the inside out. A lover of animals, nature and all things pure, Tina believes that anything in this life is possible, and dependant on one’s perception and inner drive.

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