Period Panties – 9.5 new age nappies out of 10


Have you ever thought about how much waste you (I’m presuming only females are reading this) produce every month from your period? Think of the amount of tampons and pads you go through just in those 4-7 days! Now times that by twelve and then times that by the number of adult females in the world… that’s a lot of gross waste hanging about the earth.

It’s become clear that something needs to be done and unlike plastic bags, the solution isn’t as easy as just stop selling them. That would end in disaster. And a lot of blood stains.

During my first few years of getting the old period I used to think ‘surely I could just wear a nappy for a week to avoid the ever frightening blood seeping through.’ I was so ahead of my time. All the little Freya’s out there can rejoice because someone has taken my idea (to a degree) and created Period Panties.

The pair I took for a test drive are from THINX and I purchased the large size. I would normally buy a medium for my bum but for this brand I suggest going a size up. They came within a week or so and thanks to the magic of the pill I aligned the start of my period with an RDO from work. I spent the day at home wearing the period panties and some light pink pajama pants so I could easily tell if any blood escaped.

So, it was day one and of course my uterus was absolutely off its melon. I wore my new purchase from 9am till 4pm to really test the limits. I must admit I was a little cautious, or more skeptical, and kept running in to my room to keep checking that everything was all good down there. I’m sure if the underwear could talk they would have said, ‘Hey, you don’t have to keep checking in on us. We know what we’re doing!’ They sure did! Nothing got through these bad boys! For hours I was sitting, laying down, doing high kicks, walking about the house, I even put on some jeans and took them out for a spin (I needed milk). They were comfortable and the best part was they didn’t have that wet feeling you can get with pads. Ergh, that feeling is the worst.

Come 4pm I got more curious than anything and swapped them out for a tampon. I took them to the sink and rinsed them out under cold water before popping them in the washing machine. In my head I was expecting the water to be like solid red when I was rinsing but it was barely pink. I definitely think I loose more blood each month than I actually do.

I honestly believe the underwear could have lasted a lot longer before I tapped them out after seven hours. I must admit though, I am luckier than others when it comes to how heavy my flow is. But it’s not my fault I have a light flow and a narrow set vagina! (Mean Girls quote. Classic.)




Seriously though, if you can buy a product that makes getting through your period easier, helps reduce your waste and saves you money on sanitary products, why wouldn’t you give it a go?

But hey, that’s just my opinion.


NB: The word ‘panties’ send cold shivers up my spin. What a disgusting word. As my sister says ‘it reminds me of a dirty old man saying it.’ Panties. Yuck. Unfortunately, ‘Period Knickers’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Freya Morton

Freya is from country NSW but moved to the big city to follow her tv dream. She spends her time writing, watching movies and dominating at spider solitaire. She hopes one day there is a show called 'At the Movies with Margaret, David and Freya'.

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