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On the first day of my recent period of unemployment I joined my local F45 Training studio. The F stands for Functional and the 45 for forty-five minutes of bloody hard work. I had heard of F45, of course, as I’m sure most of you have. A lot of my friends either already go or wish they did: but my choice was made, rather lazily, by its proximity to my house (a five minute walk).

I rolled up on my first morning in very old exercise gear and without a towel (I somehow missed that in my confirmation email) and proceeded to sweat profusely while rotating around an ever-changing roster of exercises designed to work your entire body until you can no longer move. Although I felt a little queasy and wheezy at the end of my first session I high-fived my pod buddies and went about my day feeling good about myself.

I’ve now been six days a week for a month and can safely say I am in love. I have discovered there is nothing quite like a killer sweat sesh, thumping tunes and a bunch of supportive workout buddies. I haven’t become so die-hard as to buy an F45 t-shirt yet but I did get their fitness tracker so that I can engage in friendly competition with my fellow exercisers on who works hardest each session.

Although I was certainly feeling fitter and stronger I didn’t feel like I had lost any weight, something I was also hoping to achieve, which is why I decided to start the F45 8 Week Challenge.

We all know that no amount of exercise can make up for a bad diet and I knew this was the problem for me. I am blessed with a stick thin de facto husband who can eat anything and everything without incurring even the most minimal change to his physique. He does all our cooking and although we eat healthily I know that matching my portion sizes to his, as well as my propensity for sweets, has been my downfall.

It’s not that I hate my body or that I don’t like being a bit curvier as I get older, the problem is that I am starting not to fit in some of my clothes and considering the amount of money I have invested in my wardrobe, not fitting in my clothes is no longer an option. I know I should want to lose weight to be healthier and take better care myself but the truth is that when it comes to clothes I am that superficial guys, sorry.

I am going to be keeping a diary of my 8 Week Challenge experience which I will share at the end. As I write this, it is Day 4 and I am eating a tuna and broccoli salad for lunch while typing away. It actually tastes really good and is surprisingly filling for being 80% broccoli.

It might be too late to late to join in on this F45 8 Week challenge (there will be another one later in the year) but it’s never too late to make a change in your life whether it be to exercise more, eat healthier or even just be kinder to yourself and take a break. Getting started is always the hardest part but as you get going, it gets easier and easier. In the words of Nike, just do it.


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If you are keen to learn more about building a healthy lifestyle read our series which breaks everything down into manageable chunks.


If you are interested in getting into F45 Training check out their website for a location near you. All studios offer a free trial period so you can give it a go and see if it is right for you. I am loving mine in Gungahlin, everyone is lovely and super supportive.


Read Part 1 of my 8 Week Challenge Diary here.

Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

As well as a near obsessive interest in fashion, Emma is a former scientist, occasional contemporary dancer, avid reader and self-confessed cat lady (she has three). Emma lived in Leiden in the Netherlands as a baby and Leiden ought to have been her middle name had her mother thought of it at the time and not chosen Louise instead.


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