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Name: Bree Winchester

Age: 39

What I do: I head up the Canberra Life team at The Canberra Times


Describe your Personal Style

Fun, quirky, vintage meets pop culture. Also – YOLO!


What pieces are on high rotation in your wardrobe?

My black tutu, leopard print tights, gold shimmer Converse high-tops, denim jacket and pink doughnut earrings.


What are you favourite labels, who are your favourite designers?

17 Sundays, Society Plus, Asos Plus and City Chic are my go-to labels. Vicky Kidd-Gallichan from Rockstars and Royalty is inspirational (she’s making my big fat gypsy dress for my wedding in November – SCREAM!) and the earrings from Amanda at LLL Designs rock my world.


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How do you approach dressing?

Like I’m five and dressing for my best friend’s birthday party – which I’ve been waiting for all year! Honestly, I’m a creative and how I dress is a big part of expressing that creativity on the daily. I’m excited about getting dressed (most mornings) and even though I’m almost 40 I literally wear whatever I want. If I say ‘fuck it’, hopefully other mums from the ‘burbs will too!


What pieces do you never wear but hold onto ‘just in case?’

I wear everything.


How do you approach shopping for clothes and accessories?

My brain will come up with an idea and then I source the ‘elements’ of an outfit from wherever I can get them. Most of my outfits are a mash-up of plus-size online store meets boutique Canberra jewellery designer meets Kmart. The idea for an outfit comes first, then I specifically buy to realise that idea. I hate browsing for hours in a mall with no vision.


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Where are your favourite places to shop?

I literally buy everything online. I put the kids to bed on a Sunday night, make a Coca-Cola spider and start browsing. I mostly search pop culture items – like my fave TV shows from the 90s – and my favourite song lyrics! Not gonna lie, I love the pop culture tees at Kmart and Jay Jay’s, so there is a bit of mall shopping thrown in too.


What is on your current shopping list?

A new mint green tutu from Society Plus. And some Vans to go with it.


What item do you dream of owning?

What I really want next is a tattoo! Two blue vintage swallows, on my arm.


Whose personal style do you most admire?

US plus-size model Tess Holliday, Dita Von Teese, Cyndi Lauper.


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