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Today is a special day for the incredibly talented makeup artist Lilah Gow as she relaunches her successful business under her own name: Lilah Gow Makeup Artistry.

Lilah is known for her dedication to her craft, her beautiful personality and for creating unique looks tailored to each person she works with. She is passionate about empowering individuals through beauty and makeup.  We caught up with her to find out more about her love of makeup, her career so far and what is next for her business.


Emma: What first drew you to makeup?

Lilah: Coming from a dance background, makeup has always been a part of my life. My mum was talented at makeup herself and I picked up a few tricks from her to apply my stage makeup. As a young teen I loved taking the time to get ready for everyday and stage. It helped me feel confident and I would often get comments on how nice I would do my makeup.


E: What do you like about makeup now?

L: I love that people can express themselves and who they are at the time through makeup. We all look back at some of the make up trends or styles we would apply to ourselves in the past and think ‘wow, why was I doing that?’ But I think that it can be such a reflection on who we were at the time as well as what was happening in the world.


E: What have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

L: Winning IMATS Battle of the Brushes 2013 is still one of my favorite moments because it really gave me a feeling that I had never felt before of true belief in myself and that maybe I could really be a makeup artist.

Getting myself over to LA to train with the incredible Donna Mee is another highlight. This was such an incredible experience I learnt so much and it completely changed me as an artist. My understanding of true beauty makeup was completely transformed and I was so proud that I had made that dedication to upskill myself.

The other highlights that come to mind are helping create a custom corrector colour wheel for Ben Nye Makeup, working at LA fashion week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, shooting with model Mimi Elashiry and assisting on The Wolverine and Great Gatsby films.


E: What do you hope to achieve now through your business?

L: My mission is to provide the community with quality beauty services and knowledge to empower and inspire individuals in a dynamic and personable style.


  • @lilahgowmakeup
  • @lilahgowmakeup
  • @lilahgowmakeup


E: What do you love about creative editorial work?

L: I love creating imagery that makes you feel and that tells a story. For me creating a concept and paying attention to every little detail is just as fun and important as the makeup. I look and think about the full picture and it’s fantastic when I can find and work with a talented team to make a moment, that you can capture through the lens.


E: What are some of your go-to products?

L: For me fresh, hydrated glowing skin is so important, so it’s all about skin prep and using serums and moisturizers first. My go to foundation would have to be FACEatelier Ultra Foundation and for under eye concealer it would be Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics.


E: Do you have signature looks that you like to create?

L: I love focusing on people and really applying beautiful clean makeup to enhance that persons features and using eye colours to their full potential. It doesn’t always have to be just what is on trend.


E: How do you approach doing your own makeup?

L: When I was younger I was all about a little black wing liner, then when working at Inglot cosmetics it was all about colour and creating as many different looks as possible. Now as I get a little older it’s clean and minimal focusing on skin, flush of colour in the checks, filled in brows and black mascara.


E: What are your favorite beauty trends at the moment?

L: I am loving the fresh and subtle looks, like rose tinted blush colours on the eyes and soft glossy lips. It’s not normally on trend in winter but I like it because it’s really wearable for a lot of people.


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