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Let these winter looks inspire you to try something different on the days when you just don’t know what to do with your hair.

For the longest time I have been a big fan of scarves and headscarfs. I find it’s a great way to create a pulled together look without trying too hard. I like that if my hair is working, I can tie a scarf in way to add a bit of colour and style but on the days when I wake up and my hair looks like a birds nest, I can use a scarf to hide it away.




A pop of Patrician Purple on the lips, natural glowing skin and lots of lashes can give you a vibrant boost to your day. Wrapping your hair up into a topknot using a bold coloured fabric or scarf is a great way to give your hair a rest with style. Add a leave-in conditioner while it is all wrapped away to help hydrate through the winter.




There is nothing like soft warm brown tones on the eye and peach lip gloss combined with glowing skin to give you the feel of beauty with ease. Soft waves with a forest green head scarf can create that winter hippy feel.


3.-Wraps-With-Style-Bree Compressed


The timeless elegance of a burgundy lip paired up with bold brows and a flush of colour in the cheeks creates a look full of sophistication and grace. When you don’t have time for hair, wrapping it up in this vintage style wrap in a colour that suits your skin tone and outfit, will help finish the look.


4. Mirim-Wraps-with-style-Compressed-2


This one is for the blue-eyed girls out there. As scary as blue eye shadow sounds, if done correctly using the right tones of soft blue grey, it can really bring focus to blue eyes. Just add a little bit of natural coloured lip liner and gloss and you are ready to go. Using different types of scarves in plum tones you can play around with plaits and shapes to create a real individual style.




A soft wash of rose and brown tones on the eye paired with a satin finish rose lip colour to give a natural elegance to go with your winter blue hair wrap. When you’re not feeling like doing much with your hair, pull it up, grab your favourite scarf or fabric and tie it in a bow.


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Concept and styling – Lilah Gow & Emma Batchelor

Makeup – Lilah Gow Makeup Artistry

Hair – Lilah Gow & Sheree Kwong

Photography – Stephen Gow & Lilah Gow

Models – Lamishi Michelle Dauda, Courtney Martin, Bree Blewitt, Miri Walsh, Georgia Double

Lilah Gow

Lilah Gow

Lilah Gow is an award winning makeup artist who has studied in Sydney and LA, and is now based in Canberra. She has worked alongside some of Australia's most respected artists in Fashion, Film, Television and Editorial. She has now turned her focus to bringing quality makeup services to the Canberra region. www.lilahgow.com

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