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If Alison Mitchell’s face looks familiar, it’s probably because she is one of Canberra’s most recognisable models. Her blue eyes and blonde tresses have been published online, in print and on TV both locally and nationally. About a year ago Alison moved to Sydney to further her modeling career, but continues to maintain a close connection to Canberra.

As you will find out, a chance misunderstanding found her entering the Miss World Australia pageant, the worlds largest and longest running International beauty pageant. Alison has now made the Top 5 and will soon be taking part in the National event later in July. We caught up with her to find out just how she entered, what a beauty pageant is like and what we can do to help her on her journey.


Leiden: Why did you decide to be a part of Miss World Australia?

Alison: Earlier in the year I was approached by the orgainsers of Miss Universe via social media encouraging me to partake in their competition. I was in shock, as I did not consider myself to be in the same league as previous winners, mainly Jennifer Hawkins. I panicked and curled up into my little self-doubt bubble and decided against entering the competition. When my Sydney agent [Wink] asked if I was interested in Miss World Australia I had presumed she meant to help work in the events so I said I was free and interested. The next day, someone from Miss World contacted me saying they were thrilled to have me as a contestant. I had a week to prepare so I didn’t have time to talk myself out of it. I called my best friend and my family and came to the conclusion that opportunities like this don’t happen by chance so I just had to go for it.


L: What has been your experience of the pageant?

A: I was petrified (think Harry Potter style — stiff as a board) going into state finals. Plainly and simply, I didn’t think I was good enough. I was loaned dresses by Miss World’s sponsor Tinaholy Couture and the ladies kept saying ‘I think you will win.’ Me being a negative nelly, I just thought they said this to everyone but then I had jewelers, hairdressers, makeup artists and photographers offering their services because they had faith in me. The day of [the state final], my AMAZING makeup artist, Leah Baines, drove me to rehearsals and her positive energy made me feel confident and excited. I met 27 other contestants and the majority of the girls were helping each other practice catwalking, speeches and making sure dresses looked good. I walked away, not only with an incredible sash, but so many new amazing friends.




L: Congratulations on making it to the Top 5! What does it mean to you to have come so far?

A: I think above all else it reassures me that there is room in the modeling industry for all shapes and sizes. Sometimes being on social media, the perception of what a model should look like creates a lot of doubt in my mind about my job. Making it to nationals proves to me that making the move to Sydney 12 months ago for modeling was worth it.


L: Why are you supporting the Variety Children’s Charity NSW?

A: Variety Children’s Charity is Miss World’s partnered charity. I want to raise funds for Variety because all proceeds go directly to the charity and they provide assistance for families in need when they can’t receive enough assistance from health services or government agencies. It ranges from providing equipment such as wheelchairs with their Variety Freedom Program to educational services with their Variety Future Kids Program. I am from a large family and my siblings are starting to have families of their own. It’s comforting to know that there are charities such as Variety that tailor needs to all sorts of family situations and you never know when you might find yourself in need so donating also assures me that Variety will be financially able to be there for anyone at any time.


L: The Miss World Pageant is all about beauty with a purpose. What does beauty mean to you?

A: Beauty to me is captivating, something that leaves you with questions, something that evokes feelings and memories of your past that made you shine.




L: How will you use the platform of Miss World if you win?

A: I am currently studying a Bachelor of health science, majoring in health promotion. This platform will create pathways for my future career, to build networks in health as well as learn more about modeling from the best in the business. It would be the best of both worlds, the most ideal situation.


L: How can our readers support you and your charity?

A: I am a big dreamer and I would love to be able to raise $10,000. Help me help them by donating through my link



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Alison is represented by Devojka Models and Wink Models




Top Image: Photography / Dough Hall,  MUA / Jacqui Scott

Middle Image: Photography / Emily Watson Photography, MUA / Lesley Johntson

Bottom Image: Photography / Chrissie Hall Photography, MUA / Katie Saarikko

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