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If you have ever spent any time trawling through triple j unearthed, you will know it is home to many a musical gem. One such gem that we have discovered is Kult Kyss, an electronic duo from Melbourne. Never mind their killer production, moody beats and piercing vocals, we have also discovered that Kult Kyss love cats and that gives them an extra big tick of approval in our books.

We caught up with the pair behind the act, haxx and rromarin, to find out more about this duo who one fan on unearthed described as ‘one of the most exciting new electronic acts we’ve had in a while.’ We have to agree.


Leiden: When did you first meet? How did Kult Kyss come to be?

Kult Kyss: We met many moons ago and have been making music together ever since. Kult Kyss was born after we discovered a new sound and vision and decided to start over with a new project.


L: What first drew each of you to music?

KK: It’s hard to say when we’ve loved music for as long as we can remember — but probably the escapism and catharsis that music provides, along with the amazing and inspiring people that create music. We love projects and artists that are quite esoteric and other-worldly; Radiohead, Bjork, Fever Ray etc all create amazing fantasy worlds for their music to exist in. As children we both remember connecting with this aspect of music – 90s artists did fantasy well.


L: What are your musical influences?

KK: Our influences are really varied and eclectic, but at the moment we’ve been listening to a lot of Chrome Sparks, Mr Bill and The Knife to name a few.


L: What are you guys working on at the moment?

KK: We’re working on finishing our EP/our next singles.


L: Can you tell us a little about your creative process. How do you approach writing a song?

KK: Haxx (Jack) will create an instrumental which Rromarin (Claire) then toplines over. We then tend to restructure and shape the track from there. Lately we’re trying not to sit on tracks for too long; we used to overthink things way too much which can kill music. These days we try to trust our instincts and let the music retain a life of its own.


L: Have you got any new projects in the pipeline?

KK: Rromarin has a lot of collabs due for release with other producers over 2017/2018. Haxx produces and mixes lots of local and OS artists at our studio (Joyluck Studio) so has a lot of work due for release in that realm. He’s also considering releasing some solo content over the next year.


L: How do you want to see Kult Kyss grow from here?

KK: We want the growth of the project to be as organic as possible — people connecting in a pure way via the music and visuals. Our hope is to create a world for the music to exist in that people can enter whenever they choose. We’ll soon have our live show up and running and would love for our performances to be an extension of this. Most of all we just want to stay true to our vision and create something unique for people to enjoy.


Follow Kult Kyss on facebook and visit their website here.


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