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It’s been labelled Australia’s biggest media and marketing conference, a three-day immersive experience into all things creativity, ideation, strategy and more. For those outside the industry, Mumbrella360 brings together guest speakers from across a broad range of sectors to discuss issues and challenges affecting them, best practice and the future of industries subject to rapid change with regards to technological innovation. It’s a day full of networking and notes.

Rather than filling you in minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, here’s a rundown of the key ideas discussed.

We’re in the age of creativity, the age of marketing and of course, the age of the consumer. Today’s communications landscape demands innovative experiences that drive consumer attention towards an end goal. It’s about storytelling (as I’m sure you’ve heard before) and about taking consumers on a journey.

An interesting statistic that stood out to me mentioned by international keynote speaker Ben Bilboul, CEO of London creative agency Karmarama (recently acquired by Accenture Interactive) was that:

‘Majority of people won’t care if 73% of brands disappear tomorrow.’


This is an important statistic all communications professionals must be aware of. Standing out is harder than ever in such a crowded market and disruption is the aim of the game. What Bilboul spoke about, however, was that with the rise of ad blockers there’s a need for something more than disruption. It’s about the experience and journey in which brands can connect with individuals in a meaningful way.

International keynote speaker Michael Yapp, founder and chief creative officer of The ZOO America’s at Google touched on storytelling and the future of communications which will be driven by data, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 360 video, technology that will soon be second nature to us all.

Check out this Lockheed Martin campaign showcasing the powerful ability of virtual reality:



Next was GroupM’s M Grad student program.

Filled with advice from industry professionals and recent graduates, the afternoon provided an insight into the world of media. What I took from M Grad’s sessions, and some advice I can offer students, is to gain as much experience as possible, continue to challenge yourself and always be nice.

It’s an exciting industry filled with change and for graduates it’s important you do your research, ask questions and get creative.

I love attending events like Mumbrella360 . They’re a great way to understand current industry issues and the way forward, network and expand your viewpoint. I believe there’s always more to learn and accomplish and urge students and graduates to take part in events like this.


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Georgia L Holgate

Georgia L Holgate

Georgia is currently studying a Bachelor of Communications in Advertising at the University of Canberra. She loves to eat, travel, learn, Instagram and sleep. Georgia is Italian, a Leo as well as very dramatic and believes in hard work, having fun and pure imagination. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @GeorgiaLHolgate

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