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After many a successful collaboration with other cool brands, it girl Alexa Chung yesterday launched her own namesake label. It all happened in a church with her friends (the likes of Daisy Lowe), her family (the Chung parents were insta story stars) and other Brit designers (Henry Holland and Emilia Wickstead) all in attendance. The presentation was also live streamed to her many adoring fans who are evidently very excited as there was a cue to get on the site all evening.

Just as you might expect, the label’s first offering trades on all the tropes Chung is well known for: girly, preppy, tomboy, British babe and ultra fricken cool girl. Signature denim, mary-janes and frilly dresses are all for sale in the first of what will be four collections per year.

The price point is higher than we expected and will likely be alienating to many of Chung’s fans. A t-shirt sets you back $115, a bracelet $155 and a sequin dress $1660. And that might not even be Australian dollars. After devoting more time to finding out what currency we were shopping in than we care to admit, we are still unsure if prices were US dollars or Australian.

The site certainly seems to be having some teething troubles. After putting something in our cart just to try and see how much it might cost and then got stuck in a loop because it couldn’t recognise our address. After giving it a second Australian address, we got a little further along and got hit with an insane $60.09 international shipping charge.

The good news is Alexa Chung the label has been picked up by a number of stores around the globe, one being luxury e-tailer Net-a-Porter. They only have a small selection but at least you know you are shopping in Australian dollars and that shipping is reasonable.


Shop Alexa Chung at Net-a-Porter

  • Alexa Chung Tiered Dress
  • Alexa Chung Crochet Skirt
  • Alexa Chung Cropped Cardi


But if we had more money, could confirm how much things actually cost and didn’t have to pay an extortionate shipping fee, these are the bits and bobs we were rather partial to.


Shop Alexa Chung

  • Rainbow Choker
  • Double breasted Jacket
  • I Love You I Hate You Shirt
  • Oversize Trench
  • Mid Heel Mules
  • Pinafore Dress
Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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