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With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia having just wrapped up, we are feeling the come down. Yes, plenty of Romance Was Born posts are still popping up in our Instagram feed, keeping the magic alive that little bit longer. And yes, the Cannes film festival is happening, taking away some of that end of fashion week sting, but to tell the truth, we are more than a little tired of seeing Bella Hadid in yet another revealing gown.

Enter Fiji Fashion Week. Now in it’s tenth year, Fiji Fashion week combines local design talent with overseas labels, a mix of traditional and contemporary designers, stunning hair and makeup and a few familiar faces working behind the scenes.

Canberra based makeup artists Diana Cheetham, Jacqui Scott and Genna Koumalatsos will all be working backstage as part of the Harlotte Cosmetics team. If the Harlotte brand sounds familiar, that’s because as well as being a sponsor for Fiji Fashion Week, it is also one for Canberra fashion festival FASHFEST.

We caught up with Diana Cheetham to talk Fiji, Harlotte and beauty trends.


Leiden: What are you looking forward to about participating in Fiji Fashion Week?

Diana: I’m so excited about working in such an extraordinary location, especially because Fiji Fashion Week is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This will be a great time to see the latest trends hitting the runway and to bond with the Harlotte Cosmetics team. And I’m blessed to share the experience with Jacqui Scott and Genna Koumalatsos, two Canberra makeup artists I highly regard as friends and as fellow makeup artists.


L: How did the opportunity come about?

D: I have a long-standing professional relationship with Michelle [Croft, founder of Harlotte Cosmetics]. We met in 2015 when Harlotte Cosmetics became FASHFEST’s official makeup sponsor (which they are to this day). I’m the Hair Director for FASHFEST and got to work with Harlotte products backstage. I fell in love with the range and, after FASHFEST 2015, became a stockist through my hair and makeup business. I then became a ‘Harlotte girl’, joining the team in 2016 for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney.


L: What do you like about Harlotte products?

D: Harlotte prides itself in the research behind every individual product launched. Michelle’s passion to fill the holes in the current cosmetic market, delivering unique products with great results. The entire range is cruelty free, and Michelle manufactures as many products as possible right here in Australia.



Harlotte Cosmetics founder Michelle Croft and Diana Cheetham


L: What are your go-to products in your fashion week kit?

D: We couldn’t do a Harlotte Cosmetics signature look without the ‘Ego Highlighter’ this golden beige toned shimmer dust placed on the high points of the face make the everyday look extraordinary. Other go to products for Fiji Fashion Week include: the ‘Liquid lips’ in ‘Betty Diddit’ and ‘Nana Savanah’, the ‘Firecracker’ blush and layers of lashes.


L: What beauty trends are you loving for autumn/winter?

D: TREND – Peach Peach Peach: Adding peach tones to any skin colour gives a lovely soft youthful glow.

TIP – Place a dewy blush to the apple of your cheeks and blend up and out toward the hairline. Then add a soft pearl finished eye shadow to the eyes for a subtle but polished look for day or night. Finish off with a dripping of gloss in high shine like Harlotte Cosmetics Lipshine.

TREND – Half lash: Add a touch of ‘lash’ to your eyes for an uplifting effect that will make you look awake and refreshed.

TIP – Cut full band lashes in half and use them on the outer edges of your eyes (longer ends at outer corners). The half lash is easy to apply on your own and helps avoid the inner corner lifting up.


L: What key products should everyone own?

D: If I were to choose three Harlotte Cosmetics products I couldn’t live without they would be:

  • The ‘Afterglow Foundation’, highly pigmented with a dewy finish. This foundation is incredible to add glow to the skin, creating a youthful appearance.
  • The ‘Ego Highlighter’ to add warmth and sheen.
  • The ‘Crème Blush’ in Peach Blossom. This deliciously cream product glides on the apples of the cheeks adding hydration and softness to the skin.


Shop Diana’s Harlotte Must-Haves

  • Harlotte AfterGlow Foundation
  • Harlotte Ego Cheek Highlighter
  • Harlotte Creme Blush in Peach Blossom


For a behind the scenes look at Fiji Fashion Week follow Diana, Jacquie and Genna on Instagram.

  • @dianacheethamhairandmakeup
  • @gennakmakeup
  • @jacquiscottmakeup



Top Image taken by Anthony Caffrey at FASHFEST.

Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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  1. Have the best time ladies! I hope I can join you next year. I absolutely love the Ego Highlighter too and get so many comments whenever I use it.

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