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Mud: it gets on our boots and it’s kind of gross and messy. It is not usually something we think of when it comes to skincare. But here I am, having just rubbed mud all over my skin deliberately. Not your everyday ‘it just rained and I stepped in a puddle’ type of mud, this was a MUD (My Ultimate Detox) Original body mask.

MUD’s key ingredient is bentonite clay which has an electrical charge that livens when mixed with water. This allows the clay to attract toxins and impurities out of your skin.


Here is what I thought about using MUD Original for the first time:

The packaging is quite nice and simple, all the information about the mud and the instructions for use can be found on the back of the pack.

MUD Original (there are two other body masks: Immunity and Muscle) is a detox body mask that can be mixed into a bath or applied directly to the skin as a mask and then washed off in the shower. I opted for the mask and shower as I sadly do not currently have a bath.

After reading the instructions, I opened the bag and tipped the required amount into a bowl. It looked like a mixture of sandy dirt and the fragrance reminded me of going for a bushwalk after rain.

I mixed in water with a wooden spoon and sure enough, I had made myself a bowl of mud. Once all the lumps were gone, I reluctantly scooped some with my hand and applied it evenly to my body. It felt a little strange and it was a messy process.

I waited the recommended amount of time and it had started to dry out on my skin making it feel tight. It washed off easily in the shower and I could feel the difference in my skin after getting dry.




Overall, I found MUD a bit messy as a mask during application but the result was good. To my surprise, my skin felt super soft and somehow less flawed. It might have helped using a mitt or body brush to apply it. I will be keeping the rest of my mud to try the bath method some time.


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Lexi Keelan

Lexi Keelan

Lexi Keelan is an artist based in Canberra, Australia. Lexi has always harboured a passion for drawing, singing and playing the piano and changing up her hair style. She completed her Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (Specializing in Art) Academy of Interactive Entertainment and runs her own business ‘Art by Lexi’.

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