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On Thursday night we braved the cold Canberra weather to attend a very special event at our new favourite boutique Baby Pink. Curated by the team behind one of our other favourite stores, Pink Ink in Braddon, Baby Pink in Deakin is a distinct space of its own.

Spread across two long thin rooms, connected in the middle, is a carefully selected edit of quietly luxurious pieces calling out to be touched, tried on and taken home. The space is soft and unobtrusive, just as luxurious as the clothing that resides within it. Baby Pink is home to a number of exclusive labels, one-off pieces and a selection of must-have accessories.

Although the store has been open for almost a month now, Thursdays’ event served the dual purpose of welcoming a selection of VIP customers as well as showcasing a trunk show from Australia’s premier fur label Mode and Affair. Fur isn’t for everyone, however, it’s worth noting that the materials the label works with are by-products that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Sarah and Hannah, the lovely women behind the label, were on hand to help customers shop their latest collection. Many customers were wooed by the tactile nature of the coats, stoles and clutches on offer.

If fur isn’t you thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other beautiful items to choose from in Baby Pink. Cashmere wraps, metallic knits and buttery soft suede pieces are all on show. Treat yourself to a luxurious shopping experience. You are bound to come away with something you love.



Visit Baby Pink

Shop 1, Deakin Court

Duff Place, Deakin ACT 2600

Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

As well as a near obsessive interest in fashion, Emma is a former scientist, occasional contemporary dancer, avid reader and self-confessed cat lady (she has three). Emma lived in Leiden in the Netherlands as a baby and Leiden ought to have been her middle name had her mother thought of it at the time and not chosen Louise instead.

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