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Most of us are no strangers to a good old detox. We work hard and play hard, so who can blame us if we feel our bodies need a little reset every now and then? A detox gives our organs a ‘break’ through fasting and can promote the liver to release toxins, promote the elimination of those toxins, and can also improve blood circulation.

Who better to find out about the latest in detoxing than from a detox focused, holistic health brand? My Ultimate Detox, or MUD, was created by friends Caitlin O’Farrell and Rosemary Lonas who met at university where they bonded over their love of beauty, health and wellbeing. It wasn’t until they entered the corporate world that the idea for MUD was sparked.

‘We were looking for a way to unwind and relax after a hellish day of back to back meetings at the office’ explains Caitlin, ‘with long hours, desk lunches, often from a vending machine, and all weekend partying it’s fair to say we were burning the candle at both ends.’

Cue the need to detox. The business launched three years ago with a range of bath and body masks using Betonite Clay as the hero ingredient. This wondrous mineral has a strong negative charge which, when added to water, can attract positively charged toxins assisting to eliminate them from the body.




This week MUD launched a brand new product: Edible MUD. Made from food grade 100% Australian Betonite Clay this product will become your new best friend. Just like its body mask counterparts, Edible Mud will draw out toxins from the body, but this time from your gut, helping to stop you feeling bloated, irregular and gassy as well as help reduce brain fog, clear skin and improve your energy levels. And it doesn’t stop there; Edible Mud is also high in iron and magnesium and can be taken for overall health and wellbeing.

So if you are in need of a good detox, and lets face it who isn’t, grab a packet of Edible Mud to take care of your insides and while you are at it, grab a body mask to take care of your outsides as well.


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Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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