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Friday 31st of March saw the opening of Canberra’s newest shoes boutique, LUSSO. Located on Bougainville Street, LUSSO by Paris offers up an exclusive array of Italian shoes, coats and accessories, bringing the fashions of Milan to Manuka. An evening hosted by Sarah Kelly saw the exciting new shopping destination officially opened.

On the Thursday evening before the opening to the public, we were lucky enough to attend the official opening. The shop was absolutely packed with people excited for the new addition to the Canberra shopping scene. The shop has been beautifully designed by Concept Interior Design to reflect the luxury and exclusivity of the products on offer. Well curated cases in the center of the shop suggest shoes and accessory combinations, while the leather jackets and fur coats are displayed against a mirrored wall, allowing customers to see themselves in the beautiful pieces.

Lusso translates to ‘luxury’ in Italian, and the name is reflected in all the goodies on display. The store will be stocking brands exclusive to Canberra such as ALBANO, Alberto Zago, Bruno Carlo, Flo & Clo, Luciano Padovan, and Roberta Gadolfi. Founder Paris O’Donnell said on Thursday night that when going to Italy to buy the shoes, she wanted to offer beautiful, exclusive shoes as well as comfortable, practical options for women looking to stock their wardrobes.

While the Luciano Padovan heels in blues and silver were the real showstoppers, the shop is also full of boots for the oncoming Canberra winter. From ankle boots to over the knee styles, LUSSO also offers up bags, scarves and gloves to compliment everyone’s winter wardrobes.

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Illustration: Lexi Keelan


Jenna Maurer

As well as having a lifelong obsession with shoes, Jenna is a bookworm, a cinephile and an avid breakfast enthusiast. When she's not working as a lingerie fitter, she can usually be found having coffee with mates or re - watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the millionth time. A huge believer in body positivity and self-care, she is also passionate about mental health awareness.

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