Design Institute of Australia 5×5 Speaker Series – Yumi Morrisey, Zilpah Tart



The first installment of three speaker series presented by the Design Institute of Australia saw fashion designer Yumi Morrisey, the talented designer behind Canberra based label Zilpah Tart, speak alongside architect John Guida, furniture designer Chelsea Lemon, industrial designer Nicholas Karlovasitis, and Canberra Times reporter Bree Winchester, at event sponsor Zenith Interiors.

Each speaker has 5 minutes to share their story, their experiences, current projects, successes and failures. After having a child, Yumi decided to leave her job in the public service to focus on her business and design. She presented her first collection at Fashfest 2014 but was unhappy, feeling that it didn’t really reflect her personality.

‘My second collection used digitally printed fabric. It explored modern women as warriors,’ explained Yumi. After choosing Canberra as the landscape of the modern warrior, Yumi went out and took photos of the city. ‘I decided to look at the iconic building Parliament House. I went out, took photos and played around in photoshop to create the print.’

Despite her husband thinking the idea was lame, this print went on to become Yumi’s most popular print drawing widespread attention to Zilpah Tart. ‘People were excited to see images of Canberra on a fashionable product, not a souvenir,’ the designer said.

‘Since then I have released 3 new prints with a collection. My three new prints feature national attractions at night. I have to really consider the way the print will sit on the body as it is completely different to how it sits flat. The print needs to flatter the body. My prints also give an emotional connection, they tell a story, they start a conversation.’

Yumi will be presenting her latest collection featuring three new prints at the upcoming CARDIF Collective Fashion Alley event in Kingston on Saturday 8 April alongside fourteen other local designers including Hunter the Label, newcomer Thunder Thighs, and Corr Blimey.



Event Details

CARDIF Collective Fashion Alley

Saturday 8 April

Highgate Lane, Kingston

Fashion show, art exhibition, silent auction with proceeds going to the National Heart Foundation



The latest prints from Zilpah Tart feature Canberra buildings at night.

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