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The next event from Canberra Wise Women is here. Taking place at 7pm on Wednesday 5 April at Hotel Vibe, in a change of pace, this event will showcase the wisdom of three inspirational men.

‘This year I have made the decision to share Men’s stories on the Canberra Wise Women stage,’ explains Lisa LaMaitre, the Creator of Canberra Wise Women. ‘To create an inclusive future we need to change the prescribed roles of both women and men in society. To achieve true equality we need to give permission to see more women in leadership roles, and to have men be nurturing and expressive. I can’t wait to learn from these accomplished men who are showing their strength in non-traditional ways.’

‘My aim is to see our audience 50/50 women and men. I hope by showcasing men’s stories we will encourage more men to come along to our Canberra Wise Women events. Everyone in our community needs to be inspired. We hope people will bring along their male partners, brothers, fathers, sons, nephews, cousins and colleagues to our April event. We are on a mission to change the stories that we tell our men. We want to showcase new role models, about what it means to be a “modern” man.’



  • Former Commando and now mental health advocate Todd Berry. Todd is a spokesperson for Soldier On and Menslink on the topic of PTSD and male suicide.
  • Writer and father of two Lach Searle. Lach has started a foundation For MyBabies in memory of his wife, and their own journey with IVF, after her unexpected and sudden loss in 2014. The foundation aims to help couples dealing with infertility, surrogacy and adoption. He is also keeping TheDaddyLetters to help his young children remember their mother and to deal with their grief losing her.
  • Founder and Creative Director of the iconic Canberra brand Bisonhome, Brian Tunks. Brian began his career as an archaeologist, before discovering his love of ceramics.


The facilitator of this event will be Journalist and 2XX Radio Executive Producer Becca Posterino.


As well as these three interviews, your ticket for the evening also includes live music from Afi A, the opportunity to mingle with other guests, and the opportunity to win one night’s accommodation for two people, including breakfast at Vibe Hotel at Canberra Airport.


Event Details

7pm, Wednesday April 5

Vibe Hotel, Canberra Airport

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Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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