Swimwear 2017 Range from Skye Group.



In February 2017 Skye Group, the masterminds behind swim collections from Sunseeker, Jantzen and Poolproof began showing their 2017/2018 Summer range. While the designs are still under secrecy I can share with you a few tid bits to keep you going until the release in June.

The Summer 2016/2017 range from Skye Group had some excellent design stories which were well received such as Bahama Leaf , a nice take on traditional black and white) and Aquitaine, a vibrational stripe which looked exciting in so many styles. Personally, outside of that I found their last collection repetitive (small detailed blue and white print in every way imaginable) however the same can not be said about what’s to come. Their design team have come up with some stunning and varied designs which I’m sure will appeal to most age groups. You can expect the expected ocean and beach inspired prints which make you want to call your travel agent immediately but also some beautiful floral designs with on tend colour pallets. Smooth is expected for texture in a swimsuit but if you’re into quick drying textures you’re taken care of too.

Skye Group have also been working hard on the engineering side of their products reflected in all brands. We can look forward to improved bust support and fit plus tummy support because let’s be honest, we all want lift and smoothing in a swimsuit. Their much loved cuts are still available but you’ll notice some new ones too.

So if you are a beach babe, a yacht posing honey, a cruise passenger junky or an aqua aerobic mermaid I’m sure you will find something that floats your boat in the next season from Sunseeker, Jantzen or Poolproof. If you are in the Canberra or Sydney area you will be able to find the new collection and get fitted in your best style at Lin and Barrett.

Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper is Canberra born and has worked in the beauty and fashion industry for over a decade. She loves to travel and brings those experiences home to develop new creative ideas. She enjoys a glass of red and music for relaxation and inspiration.

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